Live Blog: Crucial insights & updates from #SMLive 2019


Yes, its that time of the year again! After 365 days of challenging algorithm changes, ambitious campaigns, and uncanny content consumption trends – we’re back this World Social Media Day with our marquee property #SMLive.

The stage for the third edition of India’s first Facebook Live conference is all set & we couldn’t be more excited. The day-long conference covers topics such as the relevance of Behavioral Science in Digital Storytelling, Power of Topical Moments, LinkedIn Growth Hacking, and takeaways from Dentsu WebChutney’s dream run at Cannes Lions 2019.

Join us, as we kick start the day with a Keynote Session from Babita Baruah, Managing Partner, GTB India. WPP on Is Behavioural Science the secret sauce of digital storytelling?

9:30 AM: Babita Baruah, Managing Partner, GTB India. WPP goes Live speaking about Is Behavioural Science the secret sauce of digital storytelling?

Babita Baruah kickstarts #SMLive with a powerful keynote on Behavioural Sciene and Digital Storytelling Catch the session LIVE here

Posted by Social Samosa on Saturday, 29 June 2019

9:32 AM: Behavioural science isn’t so much about the domain of science but about the people who are at the heart of what we do and the people who make and break brands.

9: 35 AM: What drives human behaviour, is not always logical or rational.

9: 38 AM: Behavioural Science is about the people who are at the heart of our business, who can make or break a brand.

9: 40 AM: Pillars of behavioural science: Nudging, framing, drawing association, playing up on the peak moments and creating an overall association of love and affection.

9: 42 AM: Drawing powerful associations with happiness is a lesson of Behavioral Science which I learnt

9: 44 AM: Make it real, make it personal. The minute it is real, you tend to connect. It is an age of tension, anxiety & distrust. We don’t whom to trust. Stories that come across as real will connect!

9: 45: Make it personal. How is it relevant to me?

9: 46 AM: Go terribly tiny

9: 47 AM: Instigate action

9: 48 AM: Its all about timing

9: 49 AM:

Four pillars of Behavioural Science:

  • Nudge into action.
  • Instigate action.
  • Keep it real, keep it personal.
  • Timing is everything.

9: 50 AM: Media partners are the new creative partners & we need to accept it.

9: 51 AM: Understand the irrational, understand the rational, , understand the magic and don’t just work with logic to understand behavioral science.

10 AM: Mohit Hira, Strategic Advisor and Consultant, Shubho Sengupta, Brand Consultant, Prashanth Challapalli, COO, Leo Burnett Orchard, and Shormistha Mukherjee, Co Founder, Flying Cursor go Live to discuss The Future of Agencies in India

#SMLive2019 – Keeping in mind the macro level changes in the Digital Business Environment we discuss "The Future of Agencies in India" with Mohit Hira Lloyd Mathias Shubho Sengupta Shormistha Mukherjee Prashanth Challapalli

Posted by Social Samosa on Saturday, 29 June 2019

10: 02 AM: 60-70% of the work that we were doing has been mainline. However, 80% of work has switched to digital first since the last 9 months.

10: 05 AM – Shormistha: Agencies are waking up to the fact that you need to have skill sets, you understand the medium to say that you are digital.

10: 15 AM: For people with mainline experience, this is a fantastic time to look at a Second Career: Shubho

10: 18 AM: It’s important not to lose ourselves of intuition – Shormistha

10:24 AM: Data decides what kind of audience we talk to & with what creatives? Data-driven creatives, media plans, etc are right at the head of the table – Shubho

10: 27 AM: As long as you can add value to a client’s business, whether you’re an agency or consultant, you’ll always be in business: Prashanth

10:29 AM: Agencies are no longer the first & only option o the client. It depends on how fast & consistently you evolve. If you won’t a consultant or another agency or a specialist unit will do it – Prashanth

10: 31 AM: Your biggest asset comes in in the morning, and walks out in the evening. That’s people – Mohit

10: 33 AM: We talk about India being so many countries. But when we think solution, we think one size fits all. It can no longer be one idea, it has to be multiple forms of that idea – Shormistha

10: 36 AM: The rate of change is so rapid; if you can’t do it someone else will. You should always strive to be the guy who does it – Prashanth

10: 37 AM: As a client, let’s say, when our international counterparts were saying hey, maximize digital, you have to go 7-10% digital budgets when we were going 2-3%. I think sooner or later, they were driven by the spread of smartphones. The fact that India has become a big data guzzler.

10: 45 AM: Ayush Rathod – Team Lead Viren Chhabria – Integrated Solutions Strategist Mayanka Goel – Sr. Creative Strategist Deep Doshi – Lead Design go Live on The Power of Topical Moments and Memes: Lessons from Fevicol

Ayush Rathod – Team Lead Viren Chhabria – Integrated Solutions Strategist Mayanka Goel – Sr. Creative Strategist Deep Doshi – Lead Design Team Schbang go LIVE on The Power of Topical Moments and Memes: Lessons from Fevicol

Posted by Social Samosa on Saturday, 29 June 2019

10:46 AM: Moment marketing is about making your brand’s presence felt

10: 47 AM: For we are able to reach a larger audience and cover more topics through Digital

10: 48 AM: At Fevicol there is one simple brief – talk about Fevicol & Mazboot jod & make our audience smile

10: 51 AM: Fevicol talks to no specific niche audience. We talk about everyone because it’s a small world.

10: 52 AM: Moment Marketing has a lot to do with social listening, we get a lot of ideas and insights through the comments and understand what the audience wants!

10: 58 AM: Virality also comes with the fact that you give the audience the freedom to play with your posts.

11: 03 AM: A life of the post depends on its shareability

11: 08 AM: How the team responds to the content is an important parameter of measurement for moment marketing

11: 11 AM: Moment Marketing can become a full-fledged campaign for a brand, if planned strategically.

11: 14 AM Our mandate is not sales, its building brand recall & engagement

Amit Doshi, Founder at IVM Podcasts goes Live with The State of Podcasting in India

Amit Doshi , Founder and CEO at IVM Podcasts covers the State of Podcasting in India at #SMLive

Posted by Social Samosa on Saturday, 29 June 2019

11: 23 AM: Initially people used to ask us what is Podcast. Fortunately, we don’t have to answer that question as much today.

11:24 AM: The audience today is very urban, but it will change soon. 55-60% of our content is consumed between Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad

11: 28 AM: One of the trends seen is, People want to consume podcasts in a very local sense

11:30 AM: Another challenge we face is lack of talk-radio culture

11: 34 AM: If you want to create podcasts be persistent – keep working even if the rewards aren’t immediate

11: 38 AM: Making a podcast is very easy. Making a good podcast is very difficult.

11: 40 AM: There is no ideal length for a podcast episode. There are episodes that are 5-minutes long and then there are two and a half hour long episode.

11: 48 AM: Some of the other metrics to tap on, for Podcast are- Frequency, growth, time at which Podcast works.

11: 50 AM: Downloads, for me, is the most important metric there is for podcasts.

11: 54 AM: The definition of a podcast, is similar to the definition of videos. There are many verticals under that umbrella.

11: 55 AM: A lot of people mistake an episode idea with a show idea. You need to know what the podcasts are going to be about, for at least the first 10-15 episodes

12: 05 PM: Sunil Kamath, Chief Business Officer, ShareChat goes Live with Going Local: The Regional Content Landscape in India

#SMLive – Sunil Kamath from ShareChat talks about the Regional Content Landscape in India

Posted by Social Samosa on Saturday, 29 June 2019

12: 09 PM: We have more than half a billion people on internet who have Hindi as their first language, while only 200k people have English as their first language

12: 12 PM: We have been consuming regional content in audio & video format over the years

12: 13 PM: The next phase of regional content was bought by YouTube & DailyHunt

12: 16 PM: Regional content can be majorly divided in to PGC (Professionally-Created Content) this is content created by professional media houses or studios, PUGC (Professional Created User Generated Content) includes private YouTube channels, creators, etc , & UGC (User Generated Content) platforms like ShareChat, TikTok that help create content

12: 19 PM: We are seeing traction for devotional content! Fashion & Lifestyle content is also picking up. A lot of users create content around Health & Fitness

12: 20 PM: We see a lot of content in the Periodic Category. This includes events like elections or World Cup

12:21 PM: Another interesting upcoming category on ShareChat is entrance exams & education content.

12: 23 PM: A regional user nowadays is usually a young user from SEC 2 and 3 and have very short attention span.

12: 25 PM: Regional audiences primarily use the app for entertainment and not convenience.

12: 30 PM: Regional platforms as a market is only starting up now. A lot more will happen on these platforms & it is a good time for brands to start leveraging it to reach out to audiences.

12: 31 PM: Instead of re-purposing content from English audiences, it’s important to target the regional audiences

12: 50 PM: Sagar Kaul, Founder at MetaFact speaks about DeepFakes

#SMLive: Sagar Kaul, Founder at MetaFact delves deep into the subject of DeepFakes – 1/2

Posted by Social Samosa on Sunday, 30 June 2019

12: 54 PM: First use of DeepFakes was swapping faces of a Hollywood celebrity on porn performers.

12: 57 PM: Idea behind DeepFakes is to create disharmony, spread fake news, and negativity

12: 58 PM: Obama’s DeepFake taught us how easy it is to create a deep fake video and how influential it can be.

1: 01 PM: India will be hit with DeepFakes in this year or maximum by next year due to internet penetration, cheap technology, and not so complicated concept.

1: 02 PM Since we use images to morph a video & these images are pulled down from your social media platforms, in the majority of the photos our eyes are open. So, in a DeepFake video, there are minimal eye blinks

#SMLive: Sagar Kaul, Founder at MetaFact delves deep into the subject of DeepFakes – 2/2

Posted by Social Samosa on Sunday, 30 June 2019

01: 06 PM: People being educated about the topic, People understanding it can help to spot Deepfakes. Go for a second reference on Google.

01: 08 PM: We have very limited technology to fight DeepFakes but we are researching more.

01: 14 PM: Memes are a great example, that a small part of DeepFakes can be used for good. As of now, we are seeing the negative side of it rather than positive.

01: 20 PM The Cyber Laws that we have right now don’t particularly cater to DeepFakes. We do have laws, but they need to be strengthened with many policy changes.

Nikunj Lotia, of BeYouNick speaks at #SMLive on Growth by Content: Creation Hat Tips from Be YouNick

#SMLive – Nick from Beyounick shares content creation hat tips for aspiring creators!

Posted by Social Samosa on Sunday, 30 June 2019

02: 10 PM Before BeYouNick I had a channel called Not So Funny

02: 11 PM: I don’t think about how the people would react to a video while creating it. I like to make videos that I would like to see while scrolling through my timeline.

02: 12 PM: I used to spam my friends & Facebook pages to distribute my content because I started YouTubing before YouTube was mainstream.

02: 16 PM: Audio is going to be the next big thing. You have the early-movers’ advantage if you do it right now.

02: 20 PM: It’s not about how much you spend, it’s about what content you create

02: 24 PM: I don’t watch any content at all as the mind replicates ideas

02: 26 PM: Collaboration is a great strategy not just for creators on YouTube but across industries.

02: 29 PM: Weirdest brief I have ever received: “Chal kuch viral banate hai”.

02: 35 PM: Tips for upcoming creators – Be authentic, be unique, do what you love to do.

02: 45 PM: Daksh Sharma Director at Iffort shares his opinion on Decoding AR Filters 101

#SMLive – Decoding AR Filters with Daksh Sharma from Iffort

#SMLive – We are now decoding AR Filters with Daksh Sharma from Iffort 1/2

Posted by Social Samosa on Sunday, 30 June 2019

02: 46 PM: AR has been sitting on the brand-level conversation and is not a new thing. But for some reason, it has not reached mainstream adoption.

02: 50 PM: Today if a brand has access to a filter. Your follower can gain access to it too. This sort of adds functionality to the user experience.

02: 55 PM: People using AR to create maps of train stations. Somebody had created one for Bangalore and we are creating one for Delhi. So, when you point your camera at a Metro card, it would show you a 2D map of that station.

03: 00 PM: If you are a brand and want to create Instagram filters, there is a beta version of the app, limited to brands with high followers

03: 05 PM: You can’t create any filter; it has to be approved by the internal Instagram & Facebook teams

03: 30 PM: Malini Agarwal, (Founder and Creative Director) Founder and Creative Director MissMalini shares Content, Community and Commerce: The MissMalini Story

#SMLive2019 – Malini Agarwal will discuss Content, Community and Commerce: The MissMalini Story with us this Sunday Join Malini's Girl Tribe here and win some goodies – in at 3:20 PM to catch her LIVE

Posted by Social Samosa on Sunday, 30 June 2019

03: 31 PM: I started writing a column in Mid Day, titled, Malini’s Mumbai, that was technically the first collection of my blog

03: 33 PM Followers are people too! Humanize them

03: 35 PM:

Rules of blogging:

  • Never blog anything that you wouldn’t say to someone’s face.
  • Cut it short.
  • Followers are people too and not just number of likes.

03: 39 PM: Don’t create an Instagram page just for the sake of attracting brands and make money

03: 40 PM: Future is collaboration over competition

03: 46 PM: A blog can become a commercial success. You need to know what you are doing. You need to be unique and authenticity is very important

03: 48 PM: TipsForBeginners: Tagging top pages is not as impactful, because they have a lot going on. Go and interact with people & communities with similar interests.

03: 55 PM: Trolls are just looking for attention. You can kill them with kindness. Listen to them & respond. Sometimes they just revert with a smile.

03: 58 PM: Tip on getting your content to stand out: The key is to adopt new platforms & engage, engage, and engage.

04: 05 PM: Karthik Srinivasan Communications consultant tells us about Are you wasting time on Social Media? Building Brand ‘You’ online

#SMLive – All you need to know about building Brand 'You' online Karthik Srinivasan

Posted by Social Samosa on Sunday, 30 June 2019

04: 06 PM: When the service is free, the user is the product that is being sold to someone else.

04: 07 PM When there is a monetary factory you try to gain maximum returns. But, when it’s free it tends to become an addiction.

#SMLive – All you need to know about building Brand 'You' online Karthik Srinivasan

Posted by Social Samosa on Sunday, 30 June 2019

04: 13 PM: You need to take charge of the time you spend on social media

04: 15 PM: You need to have an objective of why you’re spending time on social media. If you don’t have an objective you can’t measure the results.

04: 20 PM: Pick on 4-5 topics which you are interested in. Stay curious on the topic and become an expert so you can talk about it online.

04: 21 PM Whatever you’re sharing or reading, does it add to your personal brand?

04: 27 PM LinkedIn is Google Juice. Whatever you put on LinkedIn, it’s very likely to come on top in a Google Search.

04: 45 PM Vaibhav Sisinty, Marketing Manager at Uber | Growth Hacker takes a MasterClass on LinkedIn Growth Hacking

Vaibhav Sisinty – Leveraging organic LinkedIn using Growth Hacking

#SMLive: Vaibhav Sisinty- Leveraging organic LinkedIn using Growth Hacking

Posted by Social Samosa on Sunday, 30 June 2019

04: 47 PM When Microsoft acquired LikedIn, the game changed.

04: 50 PM LinkedIn has become the content space for everyone in the world. It is what Facebook was in 2015, in the professional sense.

04: 55 PM: Lead Magnet: Send relevant content to a relevant network of people. If the content and the kind of people should resonate, you will get noticed.

05: 05 PM: How to get the job you want on LinkedIn?

  • Make a list of all the potential companies
    you want to work with.
  • Find roles open in all these companies.
  • Look for people who can refer you like Recruiters.
  • Send them a referral request.
  • Referral request process:
  • Introduction, CV & a note on why they should hire you.
  • Dedicated follow-up. (People ar busy deal with it).

05: 10 PM: You can’t establish trust by just connecting with people on LinkedIn.

05: 30 PM: A Panel Discussion on Marketing to Screenagers in a Binge Watching World by Sowmya Iyer, CEO at Dvio Digital -Mehul Gupta, Co Founder/CEO at SoCheers – Shrenik Gandhi, CEO at White Rivers Media

#SMLive2019 – Sowmya Iyer, Mehul Gupta and Shrenik Gandhi will be sharing some insights on Marketing to Screenagers in a Binge Watching World

Posted by Social Samosa on Sunday, 30 June 2019

05: 40 PM: The default time that the person spends on a screen defines a screenager – Sowmya

05: 45 PM People want something close to reality. They want relatable and logical content. Look at the number of biopics which are emerging- Mehul

05: 50 PM The best campaign is where viewers talk about your content without having to ask them to talk about your content – Sowmya

06: 30 PM: Aalap Desai ECD Copy at Dentsu Webchutney Mumbai and Pravin Sutar ECD Art at Dentsu Webchutney Mumbai share Observations from Dentsu Webchutney’s Dream Run at Cannes 2019

#SMLive2019 – Time for some Observations from Dentsu Webchutney's Dream Run at Cannes 2019 with Aalap Desai and Pravin Sutar

Posted by Social Samosa on Sunday, 30 June 2019

06: 35 PM: Observations from Cannes this year: 8% increase in entries from India & 48% of female jury – Aalap

06: 40 PM: A campaign wins when people react – Pravin

06: 50 PM: We make sure that the clients are on board, then you wouldn’t advertise to win awards. Having a client on board is an amazing feeling – Aalap

06: 55 PM: There is no day-to-day brief for Swiggy. They are a very experimental client – Aalap

Idea has to be at the core of the tech. It needs to connect with me and it needs to connect with the audience.

07: 00 PM Idea has to be at the core of the tech. It needs to connect with me and it needs to connect with the audience – Pravin

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Before we go, Happy World Social Media Day.