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Moment marketing campaigns

Moment marketing campaigns have time & again worked for brands! Be it Oreo's Dunk in the Dark or Paytm's demonetization tweet

We all know that topical trends and events or moments that attract public attention result in countless conversations and innumerable interactions.

When a consumer scrolls through a trending subject and a brand slides in with a relevant content, it subtly manages to create recall while gaining pop culture prevalence.

Oreo's 'Dunk in the Dark’ tweet is a prime example to back that claim. For the unacquainted, Mercedez Benz Superdome in New Orleans faced a 34-minute power outage during the Super Bowl 2013; Oreo latched on to this moment and promptly came up with the tweet.

The tweet has been re-tweeted an estimate of 15,000 times. The plain tweet, tweeted in real-time with a basic creative has been argued upon. While many claim that the tweet was made to seem more potent than it actually was, it did go viral.

Social Media has made moment marketing easy-breezy. The trending hashtag and a chucklesome creative topped with a captivating caption is enough, although one needs brand relevance.

What really makes moment marketing what it is, is to get out there as quickly as possible and in a witty way. The creativity and turnaround time are equally important.

The ad world has seen some of the best moment marketing campaigns - it may be an egg that went viral, or a mere tweet of some Carter asking for free Nuggets.

Or a scene from the series finale of a popular TV Show.

Or a scientific discovery that is being heavily spoken about on Social Media.

Or the world’s largest and longest democratic election.

Or the retirement of a loved and ace cricketer.

Paytm stole the show in 2016 when the Government of India announced demonitisation. Acknowledging the scenario, Paytm simply put out a tweet that included their tagline.

While moment marketing produces engagement, there are a few doodahs you should avoid. For instance, latching onto every trending topic, where the brand connect is not just farfetched but is not connected at all.

In conversation with Social Samosa, Anuradha Aggarwal, Ex-CMO, Marico opined, “I think brands have to find a space which is true to them and what they stand for and only go and talk about those trends. Brands which go and try to talk about every trend all the time, generally don’t associate with anything strongly and don’t make a place in the consumers’ mind, as opposed to brands which are specific and purposeful with their consumer engagement.”

It's easy to get carried away in the moment and miss out on the brand connect. Not every topical trend or moment will coincide with every brand. Unless you have a solid connect, it's best to avoid it. Relevance wins over a forced-fit.

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Now let's take a moment to acknowledge a few more examples that used the right moments for marketing.

OREO Cookie

Kit Kat - #BreakFromGravity

Old Spice & Taco Bell


Amazon Prime Video

Mi Home



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