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Neil Patel Digital

Neil Patel Digital

India aims at helping companies through thought-leadership driven strategies in

the sphere of digital marketing.

Indian businesses can now take full advantage of groundbreaking, thought-leadership driven digital marketing strategies. Neil Patel Digital India has announced that it will start operations in June 2019.

The digital

marketing landscape in India has been on a steady growth for the last two

decades, mostly due to the increasing accessibility to the internet and the

proliferation of mobile users. The current internet penetration in India is at

35%, but it’s projected that by 2025, the Indian population with access to the

web will touch a magic figure of 55%.

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Pradeep Kumaar, CEO of Neil Patel Digital India, made the announcement about the new initiative on Wednesday. “Neil Patel has a large number of followers in India, and many of the Indian digital marketing experts consider Neil Patel as their guru. We wanted to ensure that the Digital Marketing sphere in India follows the latest global trends so that businesses, especially startups and small businesses can leverage their ROI by adapting to these trends,” said Mr. Kumaar.

Businesses that have set their eyes on the future are adopting and investing in digital marketing tactics to boost their ROI heavily. Unfortunately, the hype around digital marketing has resulted in startups and small businesses banking on false promises.

Neil Patel, who is the co-founder of Neil Patel Digital, embodies the phrase “Lead by example.” His blog attracts millions of visitors every month, and a huge percentage of this traffic is organic.

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