Platform Feature: TruePush


About the Platform.

TruePush is a SaaS (software as a service) product that provides free unlimited push notification services for both mobile and web. Anyone can sign up with us and integrate it to their website or mobile within a few minutes. Our tool is very simple and has a powerful dashboard to monitor progress and analyze insights.

Ravi Vaka is the co-founder and the head of customer outreach and success at TruePush. He oversees customer outreach, customer success, customer service, and the QA team. He aims to exceed the highest standards in delivering his clients with a lifetime experience.

Manoj Surya is a co-founder of TruePush, a push notification free forever on Web and Mobile.  He is the Head of Product. He is good at getting the product come in timelines according to the customer and market need.

Whom do we cater to?

Anyone with an online presence – with a website and/or an app can use our tool. Most of the users are from E-commerce, bloggers and media houses as of now.

What do we offer to our consumers?

We offer push notifications service that helps our clients to engage with their customers efficiently and effectively. It is 17 times costlier to acquire a new customer than upselling an existing customer.

In the world of noise, push notifications tend to have 5-10X higher open and click rates than emails. This leads to a tremendous increase the engagement for the website and mobile app owners.

We believe, more users will be benefited when the costs are lower to use. Our tool is completely free to use for all features, both for mobile and web and with unlimited notifications.

TruePush Notification

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What motivated us to start up?

Upon our research, we found there are no free products in the market for push-notifications. We wanted to make them available to people for free to help them save money and time. The free tool helped us gaining momentum and a lot of sign-ups. We have plans of making many tools around TruePush, which will be freemium and it would be easy to cross-sell with our initial customers.

What’s in a name?

We deliberated on a few names and this seemed catchy and easy to remember and went ahead.

How do we see Social Media?

Today’s social media trend is more about promotions and business connectivity and this has paved way for a highly competitive digital marketing space. Capitalizing on this trend would be the key to achieve success as far as the outreach of any product is concerned.

When we start actively engaging on social media platforms and start engaging users, there is no tool powerful than this. Push Notifications have always been an integral part of social media growth. The likes of Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Youtube, Twitter, and most other bigwigs use push notifications for user retention and re-engagement with existing users.

Currently we are….

We started off with 6 people initially and within 3 months our core team strength became 9. In addition to this, we also have 3 interns backing us up and providing support to the team remotely.

More than 1,100 brands are registered on the TruePush website.

Few of our clients include IndiaGlitz, Raaga, Way2News, APK Folks, Journal Dev, WeeTracker, YourQuote, Whiterock Loans, Essex India, Telangana Government Mentor Program and many more.

Our biggest challenge was..

  • Competing in the space which is already crowded. Late entry is one of the challenges we are facing and the best part is we have made phenomenal progress. 
  • Outreach for a free product is a tricky thing. We have to generate leads without any marketing budget.
  • Managing the product with a small team. We have to build a competitive product with a very small team.

We want to dominate the world by..

We want to be one of the leading push notification providers by building more powerful tools around this product.

We’re making moolah by…

It’s free forever, hence no revenue. Target is to reach 100 million devices by 2020. We are planning to add new tools that are either free or monetize cookie data through ad network built in house.

Over a period of time, we’ve started identifying the problems and solving them to ensure that they’re not repeated again. Small changes such as altering the UI so that the customer doesn’t get confused paved a way for better customer experience.

For every new feature launch, we keep our customers in the loop and constantly take their feedback.

For quicker customer support, for every client, we have WhatsApp groups where our team and their teams are present so that they know we’re only a WhatsApp message away, in case of any queries.

Our What The **** Moment

One day we shared our product on ProductHunt with no expectations whatsoever. The team was in a festive mood and heading into Sankranti/ Pongal vacation. To our surprise, TruePush was trending on number 3 on ProductHunt with close to 900 % increase in our numbers! We suddenly had to cancel our holiday plans and continued to work from office for the next few days.

Industry as we foresee

Facebook had the rule to get the user 13 times to log in so they will stick with them for a lifetime. Product Hunt asks people to do certain activities to get you to start posting in the product hunt. Quora and most social networks explicitly ask you to opt-in to their push notifications.

Re-engagement is the key to any social media or network to thrive in the long term. Given that emails are being checked less, more social networks focus on re-engagement to build a loyal user base and push notifications will be an integral part of their strategy.

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