Protinex launches an ‘Interactive AR’ to promote its new Mango flavor

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protinex AR campaign

Protinex takes an agile marketing route to promote its refreshing summer drink with an engaging AR campaign.

Protinex has recently launched ‘Protinex Mango’, in-line with the love of the Indian consumers for the summer fruit. With AR and VR trends booming, the brand leveraged these to promote its new flavor with an Interactive Augmented Reality filter.


Protinex’s own AR Filter is created, keeping in mind, the young, tech-savvy consumers who are an important TG for the brand.

Available on Facebook App, the Filter goes live, with a click on the link revealing a fun game; as a part of the game, users have to tap on the mangoes hovering on the screen to reveal what’s in the tin below.

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This AR campaign displayed on Facebook app interface is in sync with the season bringing the popular Indian flavor to the limelight, leveraging the digital platform for brand promotion and awareness.

Instead of taking a standard campaign route, Protinex’s interactive and engaging campaign invites the audience to experience the exciting AR campaign for the refreshing summer drink.

Visit the link to know more!

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