Trends’ #BanoBayGharz celebrates the spirit of selfless love!


Trends champions the cause of #BanoBayGharz, urging consumers to celebrate the festival, narrating the story of a young girl.

Ramadan isn’t just the month of fasting. It is the month of sharing moments with your loved ones – hurdling together for sehri, the joy of savouring delicacies for iftaar, collecting every penny received for Eidi! It is the festival of kindness often helmed by our mother who single-handedly looks after the entire family even when they themselves are fasting.     

This Eid, Reliance Trends champions the cause of #BanoBayGharz, urging consumers to celebrate the festival of giving by acknowledging and celebrating the selfless love our family and our mother has showered on us time and again.  

Trends – Ramzan | Bano Bay Gharz

To all those who spent the beautiful month of Ramzan putting selflessness above all else, Eid Mubarak.Comment below and tell us about an act of selflessness that moved you, or one of your own. We'll be sure to give you your share of Eidi with a special surprise.#BanoBayGharz #RelianceTrends #GetThemTalking #EidMubarak

Posted by Reliance Trends – Official on Saturday, 1 June 2019

The campaign video commences with a young girl preparing for the first roza, all set to collect her Eidi, like she does every year. The story progresses to reveal how during the month of Ramzan, the little girl sees her mother looking after the family, tending to their every need, always with a smile of her face. When she finds out that her mother didn’t have the time to buy an Eid outfit for herself, the protagonist decides to take matters in her own hands.

On the day of Eid, on being presenter with her Eidi, the girl gifts a pretty outfit from Reliance Trends as Eidi to her mother.  

#BanoBayGharz manages to capture the small joys of Ramzan in the most heartfelt way. The joy of saving up the Eidi, the little ones sitting with eyes shut for prayers – the campaign is all about selfless love that one experiences. With a subtle brand connect, Reliance Trends’ #BanoBayGharz will leave you with a smile.