Settle for the subtleties of luxury fashion with Siddhi and Varun

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The duo of lifestyle bloggers Siddhi and

Varun are sure to fill your closet with style, the luxurious way.

SettleSubtle was born with the coming together of two young friends in their nomadic stage of life discovering how passionately inquisitive they both are about fashion, travel, and lifestyle. The name is suggestive of their strong belief in how subtleties bring us peace in this complicated world.

They set out to nurture simple yet classy statements of lifestyle and have now accomplished work with luxury fashion brands like Coach, Dolce & Gabbana, Fossil, and more. In their travel destinations too, you will find Australia, Budapest, Vienna, and London!

Read on as they share their blogging journey...

Who are we?

SettleSubtle is a fashion, travel and luxury lifestyle blog run by the both of us, Siddhi and Varun. We showcase our personal style of being elegant and classy subtly and also talk about our travels to various places.



While we were studying, we realised our interests in the field of fashion and travel. We started this blog only as a hobby initially, to explore those interests and to share our discoveries with people. Eventually, we gained an audience that resonated with us and believed in our work. We have been growing ever since, thanks to our very encouraging and supporting IG fam.



For the longest time, it has been just the both of us being the good cop and the bad cop at intervals. We divide our work according to the campaigns and we try to shuffle our roles for every new project to keep it interesting for the both of us and at the same time have a high learning graph. But we have been lucky to now be assisted by our manager Riddhi Bangera who now handles the troublesome coordination to be done for brand collaborations. And also, we try to get onboard a different team of photographers and videographers for every project to keep the mood and the theme unique each time.


in the name?

While starting the blog we had to

come up with a name that resonates with our individual beliefs towards fashion

and lifestyle. We are people who believe that you do not require to go over the

top to make a statement, you can be as subtle as you can and still create an

impression. Hence, deriving Settle Subtle as the blog name.


mission statement

We try to bring in a different perspective to the table with our fashion statements, in a chic manner. We believe that there are classy ways to stand out in a crowd and we try to help our audience with how can they go about with it. Our travel content is focused on things that aren't mentioned in a tour guide on Google. We also spread brand awareness about products that we genuinely like and think would be beneficial for our audience as well.

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create content for?

We create our content for people

who are seeking for inspiration to experience more from life and who are

looking for ways to understand how can they make the most out of their

opportunities. We also want people to believe that if we could do it, so can

they and that nothing is too big or impossible to achieve.


work with...

We have worked with brands in the past like Louis Vuitton, Jaguar, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Ted Baker, Coach, Titan, Jacob's Creek, Fossil, Hunkemoller, FARAH, Selected Homme, Vero Moda etc.


are proud of

Although we put in the maximum effort and thought for every project, one of the most recent campaigns we are very proud of is the Louis Vuitton association. We tried to create a classic vintage Mumbai vibe and were grateful that we had creative freedom from the brand's side. The results for this campaign were loved by everyone, especially the brand and we were very proud of the efforts we put in. We recently also gave a TedXtalk in Mumbai on what Influencer Marketing and being an Influencer today actually mean. We also were nominated for the Cosmopolitan Blogger Awards this year under the best travel bloggers category and have been featured on the Top 50 Influencers in India by the Exhibit Magazine in 2018. We are extremely honoured to be recognised by such big platforms. Last but not least, we are so very proud of the fam that we have built online, who always give us their love and support.


tuned for...

It's a dynamic field and we are only learning and growing every day. As a blog, the plan is to keep on improving our art and make it as useful, informative, relatable yet aspiring for our audiences.


we hiring?

We aren't hiring but we would love to associate with creative minds and collaborate to create something epic. We aren't only talking about videographer or photographers but also illustrators, poets, etc. who are looking to create something that's not been done before.

If your style seems to resonate with their subtlety or if you are looking for an elegant change; in their very words "Let go of being tied up in the misfit, SettleSubtle."

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