#SMLive 2019: How to build Brand 'You' online

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Jun 30, 2019 14:24 IST
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#SMLive 2019: How to build Brand 'You' online

Yes, we're all present on almost every social media, but how does it add value to your life? Karthik Srinivasan, Communications consultant shares how to break free of social media addiction and build a personal brand on social media, in simple, actionable steps.

Srinivasan shares how humans tend to get addicted to the free of charge social media platforms, leading to a waste of time. How to turn this around, into a fruitful habit, helping create a personal social media brand.

Here are a few takeaways from Karthik's insightful session:

-You need to take charge of the time you spend on social media

-You need to have an objective of why you’re spending time on social media. If you don’t have an objective you can’t measure the results.

-Pick on 4-5 topics which you are interested in. Stay curious on the topic and become an expert so you can talk about it online.

-Consider that you are a brand. List your USPs.

-Whatever you’re sharing or reading, does it add to your personal brand?

-LinkedIn is Google Juice. Whatever you put on LinkedIn, it’s very likely to come on top in a Google Search.

-When the platform is free, it's you the users that are the product, that they are selling you.

-Pick 3-4 things that people should remember about you and put content online accordingly.

-Have a structure and don't confuse your audience by speaking anything and everything.

-Don't measure your engagement for a short period of time. It is like looking at the mirror in a gym, staring at your biceps after the first week of joining.

See the entire session here:<0>=68.ARDWfFovB-YosSvLFJMGpUhBLopZfTdwKJz7OCfghZVga5iAV7mgraY-JXl2fJn9b9iPXmta8wpKFmQg8yE0XXHxpsBhn3dbtIWjCs2s_j4FuTBikve4cmvZwbJBvn-b_L3oEvlXwJ07wyDlg7FClFy8oP4Yn4ysRDnzg9XR1wX8lDAjumkSY9HW97nyFhO7AaJ3--h0jOMuzLvFZuJOJFAuYXg5TcTXLV8az3MSq9zpWfRvb7gUU3ndpw3_QrgVxkikvSFTz6eL7_wH11w1hpMSGT06_VWQ3xqlifo6mC2YCPC5hBYfgxwnLwRJJTxEMjOSQhmcz4T-7R3prNtmYH_MRg3s85S1Cb651A&__tn__=-R<0>=68.ARBNFfbmg0bRQtJ33z4Av4XLbo-cEKkgWDM2UmU5bBRq07g1az1K-QvKwUgMK6-i3eRcMWdClP8apr9CZhz7dIzj-InnT62mYSTklUJWSVJexuwBgdZSFR7NdlR_bcJlXTB_MD31TBfnYrJNI_7DvF96GMS2y5qM8upwor3q9e-oLBt4FS7fQRhegXuBSiNX3Jy7_1i6OApizom2uMSmP8ZpLPPsKOmItinRBaHuuPElxIAT_70BRukeBM1zOsXIdwqURKbAYtbGmQxqmhyJnkzZqB3Z4CesQsRhYKg2YnBKaE4XPEqzRCCdLiqI5Y_L-ltgmrwsn-0nU8cYcs1ImONbGoJ3xY84Ofe51Q&__tn__=-R
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