#SMLive 2019: LinkedIn Growth Hacking 101 by Vaibhav Sisinty

LinkedIn Growth Hacking.

At #SMLive 2019, Vaibhav Sisinty, Marketing Manager, Uber, and Growth Hacker explains how to generate leads from LinkedIn and more with LinkedIn Growth Hacking.

Vaibhav starts the session wondering what he would be doing if there were no social media. “Social has become almost synonymous to the internet and it is awesome how the internet has changed all of our lives,” he says. Further in the session, he explained how LinkedIn can be used to get job prospects and use it to actually find and get jobs.

“In the 5-6 years of using LinkedIn, the platform has helped me to get in touch with international clients. It has so much more work data than say Facebook, which has personal data,” he recalls, explaining how a basic LinkedIn search you can get everything you need to know about a person and their work experience.

Here, getting to the right person and the right audiences at the right time becomes easier. He explains with an example of how if one had to get in touch with a startup in San Francisco, one could just put in the size and 1-10, check options and ask to speak to the founder.

Once you have an audience on your network, they will notice your work and reach out to you for solutions and suggestions. “I create a lot of engaging content on both Instagram and LinkedIn that helps me get noticed.” You can even find their emails and when they accept, send them lead magnets. He also talks about how content and the kind of people being targeted should resonate.

“If you can make someone visit your profile on LinkedIn, the platform will push your content to them, helping you capture them in the ecosystem,” he says, adding that this is a process you will have to try, test and capture. “People on LinkedIn are there to learn and not get sold.”

Touching upon the importance of creating a personal brand, Vaibhav calls LinkedIn heaven for people who aim to do that. It is important to create a brand where people know you irrespective of where you work. Facebook cannot be used for this as they want people to spend on everything.

Tips on how to get a job using LinkedIn

  • Make a list of potential companies you would like to work at.
  • Keep track of open roles in all these companies.
  • For all the openings, look for people who can refer you on LinkedIn, ask them for a referral request.
  • Send a follow-up message after two to three days.
  • You can send them an email as well.

See the entire session here:

Vaibhav Sisinty – Leveraging organic LinkedIn using Growth Hacking

#SMLive: Vaibhav Sisinty- Leveraging organic LinkedIn using Growth Hacking

Posted by Social Samosa on Sunday, 30 June 2019