#SMLive 2019: Topical Marketing takeaways from Fevicol

Go crazy is Fevicol’s brief to Schbang’s creative team. #SMLive got four of them to spill secrets to Fevicol’s topical marketing success.

Four members from Schbang’s creative team got candid at #SMLive about their experience of dealing with Fevicol as a client and how the brainstorming process is a constant process and not limited to meetings. They are Ayush Rathod – Team Lead, Viren Chhabria – Integrated Solutions Strategist, Mayanka Goel – Sr. Creative Strategist and Deep Doshi – Lead Design.

Moment marketing has its days and here are a few ways you can put to use when it comes to making the most of those trending moments.

Creative ideas are always within reach

The team says they get a lot of their ideas from the comment sections and the general response Fevicol and its creatives get online. Another important source of information that helps the team create content are the conversations they have among themselves and people around them. A lot of ideas come out of random day-to-day conversations as well.

Legacy should be leveraged to the hilt

Fevicol has a legacy of being a brand that communicates through humour. It helps establish a connection with the people at large. This has been true for them during the television run as well as in the digital world. The Majboot Jod factor has been consistent throughout. This legacy helps the creative team to build on and create relatable content for consumers.

Talk to consumers like they talk to each other

After watching a Game of Thrones episode, a person wishes to discuss it with their friends. Here, a brand should act as a friend and tell the people that they too are watching the show with them. Fevicol uses moment marketing to make their presence felt and get themselves integrated into the lives of its consumers.

Don’t sell a product using moment marketing

Fevicol’s communication online is not centered at selling the product. Here, the focus is on driving conversations and being present in trending conversations. While ultimately a brand communication is about selling a product, moment marketing should not be what brands should depend on. Emotional connect is what matters here, not selling products.

Never try to force it by going overboard

Making content out of content that is already going around on different platforms help find an instant connect. It is important to take up topics that can be pushed out organically. A brand must never try to force it by going overboard. It is essential to pick ideas carefully and not participate just for the sake of participating.

See the entire session here:

Ayush Rathod – Team Lead Viren Chhabria – Integrated Solutions Strategist Mayanka Goel – Sr. Creative Strategist Deep Doshi – Lead Design Team Schbang go LIVE on The Power of Topical Moments and Memes: Lessons from Fevicol

Posted by Social Samosa on Saturday, 29 June 2019