How to market an Original Series! MX Player’s Thinkistan takes an agile content marketing route…

Thinkistan content marketing

The ad world rejoiced, as soon as a series on the reality of #AgencyLife was released on MX Player. An MX Original Series Thinkistan – Idea Jiska, India Uska revolves around an agency with two budding writers – one, a suave English-speaking young man and the other, a pure Hindi speaking lad, putting into action the debate of the evolving Agency space.

Thinkistan is an ode to all the time, effort, ideation, and sheer determination it takes to put a single campaign together! Starring Shravan Reddy and Naveen Kasturia, it pays respect to memorable campaigns that have adorned the ad space over the years.

Making sure the series reaches the right Target Audience, MX Player puts into action an agile marketing and content dissemination campaign. With a media mix spread on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook – the series has been making waves in the right circles.

Capturing Through Content!

In an immensely cluttered ‘Original Content’ space, the shelf life of a series often suffers. MX Player for Thinkistan, however, manages to overcome this challenge with engaging content. Divided into phases, the content strategy relies on topical and relatable formats that ensure maximum engagement.

Nailing Topical Content

Aiming to create a high recall with relatable content, MX Player has been using snippets of the show in popular formats such as GIFs, Memes, and more. From Shikhar Dhawan’s century in the World Cup, relatable content around General elections to the sudden and strong Mumbai Rains – MX Player has a Thinkistan quote for all!

Influencer Reach

Leveraging on the show #Thinkistan, which is about the copywriters at an advertising agency, MX Player initiated a unique way of approaching fans through its influencer outreach campaign- Fans were asked to give their own twist to the famous lines/dialogues from the show. This was further amplified by engaging with celebrities like Arjun Kapoor, Sunny Leone, Neazy, etc. that asked their fans to put on their creative hat for the campaign.

Further, the brand engaged with influencers such as Ashi Khanna and MohammedAli Mirajkar which further managed to reach the apt demographic on Instagram & TikTok. The influencers spoke about how relatable the show is, urging their followers to binge-watch the series.

It is interesting how MX Player has divided the campaign between mass influencers & mid-influencers catering to the whole spectrum, instead of taking a lopsided approach. The effectiveness of this was further established by the 1.6 million views received on the #thinkistan TikTok video for the content strategy.


MX Player collaborated with content creators such Terribly Tiny Tales and iDiva, creating content IPs that helped enhance the show’s reach. While iDiva takes a humorous route portraying the famous Kusha Kapila in her Billi Maasi avatar, TTT took a humbling approach where the writer connects with Thinkistan on a personal level.

iDiva – If Billi Maasi Was An HR

Here's what an interview will be like if Billi was an HR! Kya aap Billi ko khush kar payenge? ;) #Thinkistan now streaming on MX Player!

Posted by iDiva on Friday, 7 June 2019

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I had a very humble upbringing – humble, in a sense that although there was plenty of cultural-rootedness for me to grow around and my parents made it a point that I should go to a decent school and take decent education – there was limited money, which meant I was a quintessential tier-2 child – someone who is a little rough, ill-mannered, and wrongly-conditioned by the people around. Books, or English films, were always a luxury – which means my friends who have picked a Govinda-film any day over Harry Potter, and if it were to be the latter, it had to be a dubbed-Hindi version- Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was Harry Potter aur Paras Patthar- because again, English, no matter how much they made us rote the rules of grammar in school, was still a luxury. The rich man’s language. And while my friends and I bullied those who spoke crisp-English around us as “firang” or “Angrez chale gaye inko chhod gaye”, the truth was, we were absolutely low on confidence, because somewhere, all of us knew that our smartness was being judged on how well we conversed, albeit, in English. I remember this one time there happened to be an elocution in school, and while I never knew what the word meant, my parents made me participate in it because they wanted to see their child speak in English. That afternoon, as my turn approached, I got sweaty, my bowel movements got tense, I began forgetting whatever my parents had made me parrot the previous night, and finally, just before my name was set to be called on stage, I ran away. I ran away because that’s how much I feared being insulted for not knowing English. Looking back, the anecdote is as sad as it is funny – that poor 13-year-old never got to be on stage because English suffocated him, completely. Perhaps we just don’t know where to draw the line. I know what it feels like to have a racing heart during read-out sessions in English lectures, and for that little child in me, I make it a point to not laugh out loud when someone messes their glucose with “glucose”, because for my mother, it still is gulucose, and that’s how it will forever be, for me. . ~Yashluv Virwani (@yashluv23) . #Thinkistan

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Trending done right!

In addition to the main Thinkistan series, MX Player has churned out a number of digital assets that also double up as snackable content bytes that consumers have been indulging in. This includes off the shelf GIFs and Memes which capture every possible mood and phrases millennial are guilty of using. Users were then encouraged to use these GIFs/Memes in their communication creating a strong UGC game for MX Player.

Since MX Player created content around all things trending (such as General Elections), Thinkistan memes became all the rage and were picked by a number of meme pages including Laughter Colors and Adult Society.

With such a diverse content strategy, Thinkistan is surely becoming the newest show to binge watch!