#TopicalSpot: Brands find a new trend with #SixWordHorrorStory


The topical tide has brought us a new trend, #SixWordHorrorStory. Check out the brands making the most of it.

Twitter never fails to bring out the best of creativity from people. This time it was writing a horror story in six words. Given the character limit on Twitter, the trend was fairly efficient.

Soon, Twitter feeds were filled with things that scare them in six words. Shortly, brands picked up on this trend and came up with creatives that narrate their version of a #SixWordHorrorStory.

Few brands’ creatives were brainy with promoting their products, few subjected their creatives around horrors relevant to their brand.

Horrors, that are the times when you don’t have a product you need, was a dominating theme seen through this trend. For instance, Pond’s & Too Yumm! both narrated a horror story subjecting their products being over.

CEAT TYRES fulfilled a corporate social responsibility while tapping this topical trend along with a relevant brand connect. So did South India Shelters, by pointing out the climate emergency of rising temperatures.

UNESCO latched on to this trend while talking about the real horrors in life, extinction of species.

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Few brands washed up on the shore and few sailed through this topical tide. Let’s take a look at these horror stories in six words.


Pond’s India

Zee Café

Sunfeast Snacky


Google India

YouTube India


Livpure Smart

Kwality Foods

Kaya Clinic

S.I.S – South India Shelters


Too Yumm!

Durex India

JCS Jewel Creation’s

Lego Loki


Flex Seal




Paytm Travel


#SixWordHorrorStory which came true !! Tag your friend who loves horror genre and share your #SixWordHorror story now !!

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Vadilal Ice-Creams

Brand #SixWordHorrorStory

The Blue Oven

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