YouTube notifications interface to be more user-friendly

YouTube notifications

In an attempt to make YouTube notifications easier for subscribers to understand and use, platform rolls out better interface features

In a community blog post, YouTube staffer announced Tuesday how the platform is updating the notification settings interface. The default notification setting is now called ‘personalised’ and has a redesigned bell icon that would clearly differentiate it from the ‘all’ notification setting.

Along with this update, a new drop-down menu for bell setting on mobile will also be available, making it easier for users to toggle between different notification options. The blog further clarifies that this update will not have any effect on the functionality of the bell or the subscription feed.

What is personalised notification?

When you subscribe to a channel, the default notification setting is to get personalised notifications, which is a customised experience that differs by person. This depends on your watch history, how frequently you watch the videos put up by the channel and how popular certain videos are.

One of the most important factors is how often you actually use pay heed to the notifications you get. If you want to get a notification every time the channel publishes a video, you can turn the bell icon and start getting ‘all’ the notifications.

What’s new, really?

The bell settings offer flexibility so you can choose to get all notifications, none at all, or personalised notifications.

Anything new for creators?

YouTube is introducing new metrics in YouTube Analysis to help creators understand what percentage of their subscribers base can get notifications. For one, the creators would get access to the percentage of subscribers that have chosen to receive all notifications for their channel. Secondly, the creator would know as to what percentage of these subscribers actually get the notifications based on their YouTube and device settings.