3 Ways to leverage join chat stickers on Instagram Stories

Instagram rolls out Instagram join chat stickers for stories, a boon for brands, influencers and individuals looking to create communities.

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Instagram join chat stickers

Instagram rolls out Instagram join chat stickers for stories, a boon for brands, influencers and individuals looking to create communities.

During her session in this year's #SMLive, MissMalini put forth an interesting point. "Try to build a community. Listen to your audiences, engage and learn," she said, emphasising on how it doesn't matter if you have a small group of community. It can actually be an advantage. Instagram join Chat stickers on stories is a step in that direction.

It is a better option for the participants have to show interest and the creator can pick and choose the group they want to create. If used well, this feature can help create small and big communities, depending on the subject at play.


Topical conversations

Join chat stickers can be used to create short-lived conversations where the participants come together to discuss and rant about events in real-time. It could be a group created by cricket enthusiasts during a match or a group of students studying the night before an exam. Here, the benefit of such conversations is how the participants can share the content available on the platform as well as create their own.

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Pick and choose

As an influencer, you can pick and choose a small group from the ones interested in being connected with you and engage them with specific content. If you are someone who posts about a variety of content, you can segregate your audiences using the join chat sticker and develop them as close-knit communities.

The feature can also be used by influencers to engage their followers in specific conversations that may even include competitions and quick feedback collection. Followers can be given incentives to join in such conversations and later retained for a longer time.

Group before event

Event companies often create WhatsApp groups before an event to coordinate with the participants who have been selected after the registration process. This helps them keep track of last-minute withdrawals and keep a check on seat availability. It is essential for them to fill the auditorium in question and ensure interest is at a peak before the event.

All this and more can be easily done with join chat stickers for the people will be joining in consensually, gives them a greater chance to protect their privacy (in the case of private accounts) and interact visually. The brand, however, may face hurdles in vetting the accounts in question.

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