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Who are we?

At Adomantra, our journey has led us from being an ad network to a complete 360-degree digital marketing solutions providing company. Our innovation-driven programmatic work approach enables brands whom we cater to see efficient business results. We essentially believe that understanding your prospect audience is the key to build a credible brand name and that is what we exactly strive for optimizing the business results for our clients.

We also understand how significant it is to keep evolving in the market and that is the reason owing to which Adomantra is now expanding its horizon with the onset of two verticals namely Adotrip and Adotoon.

Adotrip has been originally designed to make the whole travelling experience for our consumers extremely hassle-free. Being a new age AI enabled travel information platform, Adotrip focuses on serving an altogether different level of consumer experience to the end user. It acts as a platform, which enables the visitors to choose, plan and travel in a seamless manner without facing any kind of lag. With the arrival of Adotrip, you would not need to tire yourself and go on various websites on the internet rummaging for a trustworthy source of information about the pricing, planning and nearby stays for your chosen destination. 

As with the user-friendly approach of Adotrip’s circuit planner, the visitor can easily access and map out the best mode of transportation from their current location to their desired travel getaway with an approximate costing, along with all the necessary information relating to top attractions, events and festivals in and around that place etc. This helps them make their journey a memorable one.

Adotoon focuses on serving the kids with relevant and educational content as per their age group. Today, where there is practically no guarantee what your child might see on the internet; Adotoon comes as a safe and secure information platform for kids serving permissible & clean visual content. 

In a nutshell, this would help them inspire and grow in a holistic manner and in the most productive way possible on a mental, social and emotional level. Furthermore, it would also enable them to know how to approach life in a much better way thus acting as a one-stop solution for their growth on a conscious level.

What's in the name?

Having a brand name which describes what an organization is all about in a clean and concise way is quite a significant part of the whole entrepreneurial process. Because after a certain amount of time, any organization is known by its name in the market and a good brand name successfully caters to the user engagement and traction.

We can see that today there are many Fortune 500 brands which have been there in the market from considerable time and now they are more or less a part of our lives. A good brand name is very important for differentiating you from the rest of the competition.

That is the reason why we wanted something unique and catchy for our venture. And “Adomantra” could be the best possible choice as it sums up the essence of who we are as an organization and truly defines our soul.

Our Team


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What do we do?

Adomantra addresses the need of its clients in the clearest, efficient and structured way. Our primary objective is to provide complete digital media services helping our clients target their audience through our custom-made technological methods. And today we as one of the leading digital brands are capable of serving 5 billion+ impression reach to our clients on a monthly basis and these numbers speak for themselves. Not just that, at Adomantra we work with 4 thousand+ premium publishers as we help our clients understand what their audience wants and provide them with the right engaging solutions through our wide spectrum of digital services ranging from mobile ad’s, native ads, rich media & video advertising SEO, display ads, etc.

Why we do it?

As an organization, it is very important to excel in what you do and that is what we have always believed. The thought of doing something out of the box and breaking the conventional industrial mindset is what drives our team as a single functioning unit and the results have been amazing.

How we evolve?

We understand that today businesses are subject to relentless change and just for the sake of staying relevant in today’s competitive market it is rather imperative for any organization to continuously evolve. Whatever we have learnt in our initial stage is still with us as relevant industrial experiences. And these experiences help us drive our organization with the right mindset and in the right direction.

Social responsibility in social media

As social media has seen a significant outburst over the past few years, SME’s, as well as the giant conglomerates, have seen a huge impact and as a result, they had to adopt different ways and strategies to stay relevant in the market. With the help of social media, brands are bound to make themselves more personalized and we are no different. For the year 2018, Social media advertising revenue was $51.3 billion USD which is 21% more than the previous year and which also depicts that how essential social media is for the steady growth of any business.

The need of the hour

It is very important to understand that programmatic advertising and AI would be a significant part of the future for digital advertising and more or less it already is! Along with it, there are a considerable amount of contributing factors such as understanding data science and video technology which makes Adomantra stand apart as an organization from the rest of the competition. And taking these factors we have been successful in market penetration in about 190 countries serving 200+ premium brands globally. We help brands stay relevant in the tremendously volatile market which acts as a significant factor in reaching out to a wider range of audience at the same time generating more leads and conversions.

We learned the hard way

We started our journey around six years back that has been full of ups and downs. However, what we have known through our experience is the fact that hard work can never be replaced. And with perpetual persistence, we have been achieving good results year on year.

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Did we just share that? 

At Adomantra, we always try and function with the right perspective and see to it that we grow from our learnings. And when as an organization we examine that what went right and what could have been right, we approach business-advancing solutions for ourselves.

They work with us 

Adomantra has its footprints spread in 190 countries already and we have been fortunate that more than 200+ premium brands are associated with us and we strive to see many more in our list of supremely significant advertisers. 


The industry as we foresee 

The industry is already taking big leaps and it is definitely an advantage for us to do more both creatively and technologically. The digital video advertising is the current and the future trend and we at Adomantra wish to flow with the changing dynamics of the digital ecosystem.

A day without Internet 

Today, the internet acts as a crucial thread which binds the whole industrial economics together. Furthermore, it helps businesses in obtaining data-centric and analytical business solutions which is necessary for creating better and more efficient products and consumer experience. And imagining a whole day without internet is impossible as various industrial strata are closely interlinked with it and will disrupt without its presence.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Adomantra is always open for talented, creative and hardworking minds. 

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