#CWC19: Comparative analysis of World Cup principal sponsors on social media

World Cup principal sponsors

Collected between May 30 and July 14, the data indicates that Coca Cola, MRF, Oppo, and Nissan were the top brands among the World Cup principal sponsors.

The ICC World Cup 2019 was an interesting playing field for brands across the spectrum. Quite a few notable campaigns came to fore, especially a plethora of theme songs. Talkwalker shares the social media data for the World Cup principal sponsors – giving a view of how these sponsors scored in the socialverse.

The categories along which the data was released include engagement over time, reach v/s engagement, sentiment towards brand and share of voice. The data was collected between May 30 and July 14.

Engagement over time

The overall engagement over time recorded for brands that had the biggest share of the pie at the world cup was 700.5 K. Among them, Coca Cola emerged to the brand with the most engagement over time. It was followed by MRF, Oppo, and Nissan. The first among these to attain the highest engagement was Nissan, followed by Oppo and MRF. Coca Cola’s peak came as the World Cup was nearing its end.

Reach v/s Engagement

While the reach here means the potential reach that is based on the number of followers of the account, the engagement refers to the number of likes, shares, and comments. The size of the bubble denotes the number of mentions. Therefore, ideally, a brand would want to aim to be in the top right-hand side of this graph. Nissan, in this case, has the highest reach, engagement as well as the largest number of mentions. This is followed by Coca Cola and Oppo.

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Sentiments towards brands

Almost all the brands were able to arouse a positive or neutral sentiment in the audiences. Even at the highest, the negative sentiment was only 8.7% (Uber). The highest positive sentiment was observed in the case of Booking.com at 76.2%, followed by Coca Cola at 58.5%. Among the neutral sentiment data, the highest numbers were recorded for Emirates (89.7%), followed by Uber at 83.5% and MRF at 78.1%

Share of Voice

The highest share of voice was enjoyed by Coca Cola this World Cup by topic over time. It was followed by Nissan and MRF. A closer look at the share of topics reveals that Nissan was an indisputed winner at 52.1%, followed by Coca Cola at 21.1% and MRF at 14.3%.

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Top Brands this World Cup

Coca Cola reached 100K between July 4 and 11.

MRF’s peak was around June 27 where they hit the 48K mark.

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Oppo performed its best in terms of engagement a little before June 27 where the 40K number was reached.

Nissan’s engagement saw various peaks during the world cup with the highest between June 13 and 20 at 25K.