Case Study: How Dollar Industries attempted to break the clutter of Election Campaigns

Dollar Election Campaign Case Study

Dollar Election Campaign Case Study shows how the brand motivated first-time voters to cast votes leveraging social media platforms with a digital video series.

Dollar Election Campaign Case Study depicts how managed to garner views through its social media channels for #UngliUthanaFitHaiboss digital video series.

Category Introduction

Retail: Hosiery Sector

With a strong multi-fibre base and abundant supply of raw materials like cotton, wool, silk, jute, and manmade fibres, India enjoys a distinct advantage of backward integration which many countries do not possess. Indian textile industry contributes 2% to India’s GDP, 10% of manufacturing production and 14% to overall IIP (Index of Industrial production).

The industry is labor-intensive and employs approximately 45 million people directly and approximately 20 million people indirectly. The textile industry is currently estimated at $ 120 billion and is expected to reach $230 billion by 2020.

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Brand Introduction

Dollar Industries Ltd. is amongst the top three hosiery brands enjoys a 15% market share in the branded hosiery segment in India. It has got listed in both NSE & BSE, is today amongst the top three hosiery brands in India.  

It is headquartered in Kolkata and has four manufacturing units in Kolkata, Tirupur (TN), Delhi and Ludhiana. The company has 13 branches. 


Dollar Industries commenced a series of digital videos on their social media platforms to encourage people to cast their votes.

#UngliUthanaFitHaiBoss catered to the young and first-time voters. As per data, currently, 430 million Indians are owning a smartphone. Half a billion of them are using the Internet and 300 million are on Facebook. On a regular basis, 200 million are sending messages on WhatsApp and there are 30 million users on Twitter.


It has been found that not all Indians cast their vote. The youth of the county are often better informed, more educated and tech-savvy than the rest of their family but they still don’t exercise their right to vote.

In the 2014 polls, some 280 million Indians did not vote. If the number of Indians who did not vote had cast their votes for a hypothetical political party, it would have been, the single largest party by a very large margin.

#UngliUthanaFitHaiBoss was designed to make people realize that this is not the time to sit and complain, but instead get up and exercise their right to vote.


To engage first-time voters and encourage people/motivate them to come forward and cast their votes.  

Creative Idea  

The Idea of the campaign was to connect with the people and motivate them to come forward and vote.

To establish #ungliuthanafithaiboss, three videos were created to connect to the target audience. Non-Celebrity artists were taken so that the common man can relate and connect with the cause.

Also, radio was taken to popularise the campaign and reach out to the target audience.


During April-May multiple organization made election campaigns, the challenge was to stand tall in the crowd with clear messages. Also, sustaining the campaign online for two months was an interesting challenge.


  • Dollar Industries created a series of digital videos for Social Media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • WhatsApp sticker, Facebook frames were also designed to create engagement
  • Popular Newspapers were identified and paper gloves as Insertion were distributed across India
  • T-Shirts were distributed pan India through online and radio contests. 


Campaign results as of 7th May 2019-

  • Total Campaign Reach- 200 Million
  • Total True Views on YouTube- 18 Million
  • Total Video Views on Facebook- 12 Million
  • Total Campaign Engagement- 20 Lakh+


  • The conversation started on online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others
  • The hashtag got popularized and was used as memes across social media platforms – like FB, Instagram & Whatsapp
  • Stickers were used over WhatsApp, and people were submitting selfies & photographs using the paper glove insertions & T-shirts which we were distributed across India
  • People used & shared their Display Profile Pictures Using Facebook frames designed with #UngliUthanaFitHaiBoss

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The total reach of the campaign as of now is 200 million people, over 20 lakh engagement has happened for 30 million views garnered as on today. This is generating a lot of conversation amongst the youth and is exactly what we wanted to achieve through our campaign said Ankit Gupta, Vice President, Dollar Industries Ltd.

“Most of us always talk about the problems but never think about the solutions. Through this campaign, we want to communicate that everyone should vote for their rights. The success of this campaign is largely attributed by the engagement and conversations that are happening on social media platforms”, said Abhishek Pratap Singh, CEO, Digital Abhiyan.