Facebook announces updates in UI & Watch

Facebook Updates 2019

Facebook updates its interface with ‘Shadow Banning Patent’, introduces modifications in its Watch services, and more.

Facebook has come up with some recent updates to enhance its interface and user experience.

The Content Moderation Patent

Content Moderation Patent or Shadow Banning Patent is newly granted to Facebook. It helps the brand to have a considerable amount of control over the post-viewing and posting privileges of the users. It also keeps the user unaware in case he/she is banned from using inappropriate comments on the interface.

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The move is being viewed as an attempt by Facebook to censor certain conversations and has brewed controversies. The platform mentioned that,

“A forum creator or moderator may provide a request to block certain content from being displayed to forum users. Block requests may include, for example, a request to filter profane words, extremely negative, racist or derogatory comments, etc.” 

Facebook further highlights that through its content moderation patent, it aims to make the interface more welcoming to the new users. This new feature will help restrict negative comments on groups and on the interface, on the whole.

Facebook ‘Watch’ Strategy modified

After making functional changes in Watch which includes Watch PartiesOriginal Programs, Monetization options, and more, Facebook plans to make changes in its video strategy to attract more audiences to Watch.

To increase awareness for Watch, it will now allow the users to see how many of their friends have viewed the same video. This might help in building conversations around Watch. For instance get recommendations and have discussions, in the course also increasing engagement on a video.