Freedom Healthy Oil’s latest campaign deals with gender stereotypes head on!

Freedom Healthy Oil's #FreedomToChoose campaign

The new campaign #FreedomToChoose by Freedom Healthy Oil captures the powerful message of the essence of Freedom to empower women.

Freedom Healthy Oil brings to its audiences, an emotional and thoughtful retreat with its new campaign, #FreedomToChoose.

#FreedomToChoose thrives on its value of #FreedomSeJiyo, challenging stereotypes surrounding women, tapping on to the empowering message that no matter what the society says, a woman listens to her heart and chooses what she wants to do in her life. Freedom Oil is a healthy range of cooking oil, popular in South India that stands for a range of products promoting ‘Freedom to guilt-free eating’.

The objective of the campaign is to challenge conventional rules and limitations surrounding women. With #FreedomToChoose, the brand challenges the society, empowering women to make their own choices.

“As a progressive company, we believe that no one other than a woman herself should have an opinion about what she should and shouldn’t do. We stand by women who have fought the battles for their life choices, stayed true to themselves, and rise to their dreams. Since these women feel more fulfilled, they are likely to be happier, and a happy woman makes a happy home. So the positive effects go beyond her and impact the family as well.  We’ve only scratched the surface, but we hope that through this video, we are able to raise awareness, spark conversations, and dismantle the forced obligations to fit into a mould,” says Chandrashekhara Reddy, VP Sales & Marketing, at Gemini Edibles & Fats.

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The campaign video commences with the narrator sharing restrictive comments such as always ‘cover yourself up’, often faced by women! It then goes on to show a woman wearing gear, preparing for a cricket match. The video progresses to show a martial arts trainer, a head chef examining a dish cooked, an influencer adorning minimalistic makeup, and a lady giving a lift to a man and riding a bike.  

Freedom Healthy Oil supports the campaign by strong and encouraging background music. The women today still follow their traditions and cultures but in their own way, they change these conventional rules and convert them to their advantage, they balance their restrictions and make it their opportunities!

Chetan Pimpalkhute, Marketing Head at Freedom Healthy Oil says “I believe the campaign perfectly sums up what we have stood for from day one – the essence of Freedom. We wanted to leverage the brand for the greater good and contribute to bringing about a positive change in our society”.

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