Case study: How Hopscotch Mother’s Day Campaign garnered 3 Bn views on TikTok

TikTok Case Study

Hopscotch TikTok Case Study shows how the brand merged the trends of rap songs and short format videos, adding a challenge angle to their Mother’s Day campaign.

The Hopscotch TikTok Case Study shows how the brand leveraged the campaign anthem in multiple ways, adding a UGC layer & challenge angle for virality.

Category Introduction

The kids’ fashion market has experienced a 29.2% growth rate to reach $5.5B in 2018. And is growing at an impressive 30% YOY and is expected to reach $14B by 2022.

Brand Introduction

Hopscotch is a kids’ fashion brand, available across 1300 cities with half of the business being generated by Top 20 metros.


Hopscotch’s Mother’s Day campaign was centered on the clothes adults have worn as kids. The theme for the Mother’s Day campaign came from Hopscotch team’s experience when they were going down the memory lane and watching a collection of photos of themselves wearing hilarious ‘outfits’ at various occasions like birthday parties, play-dates, and festivities as kids.

Problem Statement/Objective

  • Breaking the clutter- Instead of taking a traditional and emotional Mother’s Day campaign and to ensure the brand connect, Hopscotch took a playful route to showcase the campaign. The brand brought mums and kids together with #HopscotchMoments
  • Highlighting the role every mom plays as a kid’s first-stylist. Also, capitalizing on the fun which mom and kid can have around, dressing up in fashionable attire, in tandem, with the brand connect.


Hopscotch’s primary customer is the Mom. They wanted to do something that was unique to them, inherently sharable and fun. The campaign had to look at the lighter side of a mom and child’s relationship, one that everyone would relate to.

On Mother’s Day, Hopscotch aimed to pay tribute to Mom’s contribution to making her child look the very best no matter what the occasion entails. It also wanted to garner high engagement that would not only be consumed but would spur people to create their versions of it and share.

Creative Idea

Right from putting up the right accessories and shoes to ensuring your shirt is neatly tucked into the trouser, a Mom is truly every kid’s #FirstStylist. The idea was brought to life via a rap music video which showcases a Mom rapping about what fun she has when she styles her kids.

The song was also made available on music streaming app Gaana.

The Rap Challenge

Mums were asked to lip-sync to the rap song and create a fun 15 seconds video styling their kids on Mother’s Day. They had to tag three other mums to take the challenge.

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Rap as a genre is exploding in India. Short video formats are exploding via platforms such as TikTok. Hopscotch married the two macro-trends via a TikTok challenge (on Mother’s Day) that encouraged Moms and kids to create their own video of the rap song and share on their social handles.


Phase 1:

Promotion of the Style Rap Song video was created for mothers – “The Style Rap feat Mom” across Social Platforms – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram.

Promotion of the Audio Song on the special playlist created by Gaana for Mother’s Day

Phase 2:

Promotion of the Style Rap Song on the Mother’s Day curated Playlist, on 

Phase 3:

Creating Social Currency around the Style Rap Song by launching The Mom Rap Challenge with TikTok powered by Hopscotch

Encouraging participants to recreate the Style Rap with their Mums on the beats of the Style Rap music.


Tiktok – 3 Billion views

Gaana – 0.28 Million streams; minutes listened – 0.45 Million

Facebook, Instagram, youtube, and twitter with a total of 52 posts and 105 Stories. A total reach of 6.05 M and total video views of 6.13M.

CMO Quotes

Anirudh Dharmagadi said that “This Mother’s Day, we as a brand wanted to celebrate moms as our first stylists and how they play an important role in ensuring that we are all well turned out. We ensured that thousands of moms created and shared UGC which exponentially amplified the reach of the campaign.”