Infographic: How to Create the Perfect Pinterest Profile for your Small Business?

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In the world of social media marketing, how can you get the best results for the business and generate organic traffic to your website without spending a single penny? Pinterest is your answer! Read on to find tips for creating the perfect Pinterest Profile.

When you think of social

media marketing for small businesses, which platforms come to mind? Facebook

and Twitter, the giants of the social world, are probably at the top of your

list. These heavy hitters in the social media space are great tools for targeting

your consumers and delivering your messages, but there’s one social platform

you may be overlooking: Pinterest.

Despite its reputation as the underdog of the social media world, Pinterest outranks Twitter, Snapchat and Linkedin in popularity, according to this 2018 study.

Trying to increase brand awareness for your small business? Consumers are using Pinterest to discover new brands every day! Its users (pinners) also click-through to company sites more than Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat users.

Pinterest is driving sales, too. With a majority of pinners using the platform to make purchase decisions and more than half of millennials discovering new products while scrolling through the feed, it’s safe to say that Pinterest has your back when it comes to generating cash.

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Speaking of cash, brands using Pinterest see $2 in profit for every advertising dollar they spend on the platform. Don’t have a big advertising budget? By keeping simple best practices in mind, you can generate organic traffic from Pinterest to your website without spending a dime!

Whether you’re just

starting out or seeking to take your social media marketing to the next level,

you’ll need to know how to build a Pinterest profile that stands out. Creating

a business account is simple –– you can even upgrade your pre-existing personal

account for free!

Check out the infographic below for our tips on creating the perfect Pinterest profile for your small business.

Infographic on How to Create the Perfect Pinterest Profile for Your Small Business?

It’s safe to say

Pinterest could be the next big thing for your small business’ growth. With the

platform’s proven ability to increase engagement and drive traffic to your

website, Pinterest can be your secret weapon when it comes to marketing your

small business.

When it comes to any advertising campaign, you want to get the most bang for your buck. Paid content is a solid strategy, but using best practices to promote organic traffic can be just as effective and is a great way to more efficiently handle your finances.

Authored by Meredith Wood the article was first published here.

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