#Infographic: Psychology of Colors in Branding

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Psychology of Colors

The infographic delves into the Psychology of Colors and its effects in building brands and creating impactful advertisements.

It is said that colors evoke emotions. Since eons, advertisers have leveraged color psychology to influence decisions and behaviors of audiences.

Colors play a vital role in the design and can affect your branding based on various theories and principles. The relevance of color theories and the impact of colors on ads delivered becomes essential to the marketers to decode reaching audiences through their business propositions.

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For instance, Society Tea chose blue as the colour for their brand packaging because it provides a sense of security and stimulates productivity, elements that are encompassed in the brand's core philosophy.

"Red creates a sense of urgency and encourages appetite and is thus frequently used by FMCG chains; while green promotes nature and peace. Dismissing market research, however, my father decided to paint Society Tea blue," shares Karan Shah, Director, Society Tea.

Vowel Advertising presents an infographic on the psychology of colors to help brands & agencies create packaging and creatives that connect. It elucidates on how colors affect the consumer-buying decisions in a sub-conscious manner. Take a look.

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