Instagram deletes several meme pages for recurring violations

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Instagram meme purge

Instagram executed an Instagram meme purge and deleted several meme pages, few with over millions of followers for violating their 'Terms Of Service'.

Reportedly, these meme accounts have been permanently banned from the platform that repeatedly attempted to abuse internal processes leading to an Instagram Meme Purge.

Even the biggest meme pages with large followings were not spared.

A Facebook spokesperson told Insider that the selling promotions doesn't violate Instagram's 'Terms Of Service', the accounts were likely banned for violating other terms.

Instagram or Facebook haven't released an official statement subjecting this matter. Although, the purge seems to be in relation to the recent policy change.

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The updated policy states that in addition to removing accounts with a certain percentage of content violating guidelines, a certain number of violations within a given window of time will also result in the removal of the account.

Most of the admins of these accounts are unhappy with the move and plead to get their accounts reactivated.

Users of the platform have split in two groups. One supports the admins and thinks the move was wrong on the platform's part, the other thinks that they would post refurbished content from smaller meme pages anyways and would push promos and ads, so they are happy with the move.

Apart from this, there are several other conspiracy theories surfacing, like Instagram deleted meme pages that sell promos was so that people are forced to buy Instagram's promotions.

Another is that, it was in retaliation to all the #Area51 memes and the American Government had a playing hand in this.

A similar purge has been carried out on Facebook & Instagram wherein Facebook is removing coordinated inauthentic behavior in Thailand, Russia, Ukraine, and Honduras.

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