LinkedIn redesigns campaign manager to include 3 new objectives

Aishwarrya Chakraverty
New Update
LinkedIn campaign manager

LinkedIn added three new marketing objectives in the LinkedIn campaign manager to meet complex business goals with a full-funnel marketing experience.

LinkedIn announced the following new objectives to meet challenging marketing goals and to optimize LinkedIn marketing campaigns. This includes a Full-Funnel Marketing experience to the advertisers. Earlier it was introduced as the ‘Public-beta’ in the month of October 2018.


Brand Awareness

This new objective helps you to increase the share-of-voice for your products and services through the top of Funnel campaigns that charge by impressions.

Website Conversion

This feature enables you to optimize your websites for purchases,

event registrations or even downloads. It includes a better ‘conversion

tracking tool’ to measure the impacts of the LinkedIn ads by ‘easy-to-use-analytics’

and others.

Job Applicants

This interesting objective helps you to drive ‘Job Applications’. If you are a customer of LinkedIn Talent Solutions, you can now drive applications even through your sites using the new objective tool in the campaign manager.

LinkedIn also mentioned in an announcement that the new offerings are designed to continue to make it easier to improve key results. The interface has seen a 67% lift in customer satisfaction compared to LinkedIn’s legacy Campaign Manager experience as cited by the company.

Optimization of ‘Click-Pricing’ in-sync with the Campaign


LinkedIn is also optimizing the ‘click pricing’ which would be in alignment to the campaign objectives. For example, if the objective of your campaign is social engagement, then the pricing will be optimized for all social actions and engagement metrics like comments, shares, etc.

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Founder of B2Linked and LinkedIn Ads expert, AJ Wilcox spoke on their new endeavor that, “Objective-based Buying generated 300% more signups than standard bidding over an equivalent amount of time. Objective-based Buying generated more conversions than any other similar time period I compared it to, all the way back to 2015.”

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