MTV attempts to challenge career stereotypes with #AndeKaAgenda

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With the message of Bachchon ka Future, Bachchon Pe Chhod Do, MTV's AndeKaAgenda campaign aims to put across an unconventional take on career choices.

In a fiercely competitive world where each individual is part of a rat race, career choices for students become the talk of the town, with parents planning the lives of their little ones according to their wishes. While there are a plethora of career opportunities currently, the perception associated with only a selective profession continues to dominate the mindset. MTV’s recently launched film, “Bachchon ka Future, Bachchon Pe Chhod Do” mirrors the reality that prevails within this competitive world.

The film shows the persona of a new-born via an ‘egg’, in a hospital set-up where the family members are discussing the ‘egg’s future’, seconds after it has stepped into this world — “yeh bada ho kar omelet banega”, followed by the other concerned folks who think, scrambled egg, egg bhurji or even an ‘MBA, Mast Boiled Anda’ are perfect options for the new-born.

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The pressure of board exams in schools, semester exams in college and several competitive exams that continue to control your life, lead to disturbing consequences- depression and suicide. MTV’s film attempts to drive home a message that encourages the future of the nation to choose what suits them the best, without anybody’s uncalled for advice, interference, and subjugation.

Understanding the importance of this issue, MTV has associated with Childline India to extend support.

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