#SamosaTalks: Mediums like TikTok are not restricted to elitists says Rajesh Ghatge, Indigo Consulting

Rajesh Ghatge, Indigo Consulting-Leo Burnett Group

In an exclusive interview with Chief Executive Officer of Indigo Consulting from Leo Burnett Group, also a jury member of SAMMIE Best Social Media Brands 2019, Rajesh Ghatge shares interesting insights on changing trends in Marketing and Advertising industry and much more.

Rajesh Ghatge comes with an experience of more than two decades. Social Samosa caught up with him to discuss changing trends in the advertising world. Musing on the thoughts, he mentions that earlier digital was an ancillary medium but now the time has come when no marketing can be without digital so we should not prefix marketing by digital. He highlights that “Digital has now become mainstream and that’s how the Industry has evolved”.

Ghatge elucidates further on the changing trends, highlighting three fundamental buckets to any strategies, which are content, channel, and data. He ponders that in the present scenario, data is powerful and it helps marketers in ‘precise targeting’. The second important changing trend is automation, he says, because it allows the users to personalize the content and the communication they are putting out to the audience. The third essential changing pillar is content, he mentions, which has become contextual and real.

“Its main purpose has become, serving useful & relevant content”.

When we spoke to him on the big-ticket events like the World Cup and election, he chuckles seriously that “Human race is always waiting for big events to galvanize on it.” In such a case, he points out that even though Brands would love to participate in the events, it needs to be relevant to the audiences on that.

He converses further on the barriers in the system highlighting that, Vernacular is here to stay,  that if you are not contextual or engaging to a specific target region and if you are not engaging with a region-specific audience in their way, then you are losing out on the opportunity to engage with that sect of the audience viz-a-viz a brand who is engaging with that audience in their way.

On platforms like TikTok, Rajesh Ghatge said that such platform allows the audience to “create, co-create, share, participate and allow individuals to practically become a celebrity. He further explains that such media are inclusive and not restricted to only elitists hence we see so many interactions with the tier 2 and tier 3 cities as well. Lastly, Rajesh Ghatge spoke to us on awards and his expectations from the SAMMIE participants. He clearly highlighted that

“I would want to see works which involve KPIs and I want to see KPIs which give a business impact.”