#SamosaTalks The word 'Agency' should be botched: Ritesh Singh, ARM Worldwide

Aishwarrya Chakraverty
Jul 05, 2019 14:25 IST
New Update
Ritesh Singh, Co founder and MD, ARM Worldwide

In an exclusive tête-à-tête with Social Samosa, Ritesh Singh, Co-Founder & MD from ARM Worldwide sheds interesting insights on the digital ecosystem, upcoming trends, and much more.

With 15+ years of experience across digital and activation, Ritesh Singh, Co-founder, and MD of ARM Worldwide shares some interesting insights with Social Samosa in this video interview.

He chuckles as he mentions that as a brand, social media means organizing a party for people where everyone comes together on the platform and enjoys it together.

On the digital business ecosystem, Singh highlights the fact that earlier people were concerned only about ‘performance’ but now most have understood the value of ‘branding’ and hence relate branding to performance in business. “It’s getting evened out or balanced out than one taking over the other”, he muses on performance, branding and the advent of digital media and environment.

Speaking on regional content and platforms such as TikTok, ShareChat, Vigo, and more, he mentions, “Depth of penetration of digital is increasing”, and that such channels are in the leadership position to provide conversation and entertaining content to the people.

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Elucidating further on upcoming digital trends and concepts such as influencer marketing, he explained that while there is quite a bit of substance in influencer marketing, we need to understand that who’s writing for what objective and stay true to what we are doing.

In conclusion, Social Samosa conducted a Fire Five round with Singh, asking quick and fun questions. On asking which buzzwords should be removed from the industry, pat comes his response that viral brief, I need this as of yesterday, and the word agency is something that should be "botched".

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