#SamosaTalks: I like to believe that strategies are a trade-off says Vishal Chinchankar, Madison World India

Vishal Chinchankar

Social Samosa caught up with Vishal Chinchankar, Chief Digital Officer from Madison World, India, also a Jury member of SAMMIE Best Social Media Brands 2019 to know more about his takes on Media and Advertising industry, Digital as a medium and more.

Vishal Chinchankar is a senior leader with an experience of more than two decades in both, domestic and international markets in the M & A industry. He muses on the digital marketing industry, highlighting that digital isn’t just a ‘tick-mark activity’ for the advertisers with designated roles required for it.

Chinchankar thinks that ‘strategies are a trade-off’. He further reminisces that it is what you want to trade-off with to achieve your objective. He further adds that one needs to be clear with the objectives and the KPIs with set goal-posts. Speaking on errors by brands, Chinchankar points out that a lot of brands make the error that they keep changing their goal-posts, “If you stick to what you want to achieve out of it, then your strategy is bang on and you’ll achieve it”.

On growth strategies in the industry, Chinchankar believes that consolidation as a strategy always works. “There’s merit in acquiring when you really find an acquiesce who adds up value to your own services”, he says.

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One of the major changes in the digital spectrum, according to him is that AdEx is expected to touch 22%. This takes the investment to about INR 15,000 Crs which is double to what it used to be three years back in the industry. According to the pitch-madison report, the data built on regional vernacular content, videos, and OTT has a CAGR growth of 34%, Chinchankar mentions in a calculative manner.

Lastly, he shares, “Human idea backed with data and numbers can win in the space”.