Shoppers Stop’s Mark of Love celebrates National Lipstick Day with a unique story

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Shopper Stop's Mark of Love

Shoppers Stop releases a heart-warming take, this #NationalLipstickDay on July 29th with its new 'Mark of Love' campaign.

Shopper Stop's Mark of Love captures the endearing bond between a father and a daughter, taking an emotional route in an attempt to stand out in the clutter of campaigns.

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Every year, the National Lipstick day is celebrated to encourage women to wear their favorite color and mark the versatility. Instead of being just product-centric, SS marked the campaign with affection and emotions.

The video commences with a Mother receiving a ‘Birthday Card’ from her little daughter with marks of Lipstick smeared on it from her husband and kid. The campaign progresses with the mother recalling how a kiss has been an integral part of the father-daughter relationship. The extents till which he goes to get one kiss from his loved one. With that, the idea of – Mark of Love forms, showing how lipsticks are more than a mere cosmetic.

With most of the industry focusing on discounts and product-centric ads that limit themselves to featuring women, lips or lipstick shades, Mark Of Love manages to add a breath of fresh air. The campaign shatters the walls of Beauty & Cosmetics advertising and adds a touch of emotion that will stay with you.

With the belief of infinite possibilities for its customer, the brand’s tagline, ‘Start Something New’, is in tandem to the brand ideology, and carries forward the thought across all their marketing campaigns, breaking regular marketing norms and going beyond the stereotypical approach.

Shoppers Stop stands out with its campaign strategy,

showcasing unconditional love that goes beyond words.

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