#TopicalSpot: Brands try to solve the #BODMAS problem

Bodmas brand creatives

Turns out you can’t avoid math problems all your life. One fine day, a BODMAS will be trending on Twitter and because you believe in Moment Marketing, you will try and solve it for your trending creative. Well, so here are some BODMAS brand creatives.

BODMAS had been trending on Twitter all day. But nobody might’ve expected brands to pick this trend up and get creative with BODMAS brand creatives.

But you can always expect the unexpected on the internet. Brands did pick it up. It all started when this photo below started surfacing.

BODMAS brands

The internet stood divided on the math problem. Different teachings and learning styles resulted in distinct answers. Majorly, there are two answers surfacing: one or sixteen.

So different groups of people claimed they got different answers. And the number of possible answers only fueled the fire. People arguing about it on Twitter got #BODMAS trending and then it became a topical trend with brands.

Few even argued that it’s not BODMAS, it’s BIDMAS (where do these people come from?) Although, few of these creatives from brands just don’t add up. They are just following a trend and have remove brand connect. Apart from Durex, the trend and the creative connect (no pun intended) well.

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Durex India





Netflix India

YT Creators India

Reliance Jio

What do you think is the answer? One or Sixteen? Argue in the comments below and feel free to share with us more Bodmas brand creatives.