World Population Day Campaigns are here for a liberal levitation

World Population Day campaigns

Brands lined up in formation to raise awareness about the population explosion through World Population Day campaigns and creatives.

World Population Day seeks to raise awareness of global population issues, inspired by public interest and established by United Nations. Supporting the cause were brands with World Population Day campaigns and creatives.

It took thousands of years for the population to reach the one billion mark in 1804 and in 1987 it reached five billion. Currently, the population is an estimated 7.6 billion and is growing by 83 million per year. alarm bells ring

The planet is finite and the resources that we have are so too. Increase in population will lead to overconsumption which will result in starvation and sufferings. In the worst-case scenario, it may also lead to war and famine. The lower social classes are the ones that would majorly face the wrath of overpopulation.

Brands have come up with creative campaigns surrounding this global emergency. Condom brands have come off (no pun intended) at the top. Durex India and Manforce Condoms came up with creatives that said – have as much sex as you want just use contraceptives (preferably ours).

Other various Non-Profit Oragnisations and brands threw facts and benefits of population control. Mumbai Metro & Volkswagen Finance decided to go for a not so subtle boast.

All-in-all brands have come out in support of this annual event.

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Durex India

Manforce Condoms

Mumbai Metro

UN Development

World Health Organization


Plan International‏



Volkswagen Finance

Veer Foundation

Playgard Super Dotted Condoms

Nanjappa Healthcare

Jewel Crest

You can do your part by using contraceptives and using resources efficiently, it would be a small price to pay for salvation. Also, if we have missed out on any World Population Day campaigns, write to us at or let us know in the comments below.