Case Study: How Tropicana Slice reached to 19 million Instagrammers during Ramadan

Tropicana Slice Case Study

Instagram Influencer Marketing Case Study by Tropicana Slice shows how the brand reached 19 million Instagrammers through celebs & influencers to standout as a staple in the month of Ramadan

Mangoes have a long-standing connection with India. Tropicana Slice, a refreshing Mango drink that celebrates the taste of mangoes, entered the Indian market in 1993. Instagram Influencer Marketing Case Study shares how the brand became an Iftar staple this Ramadan.

Problem Statement/Objective

The objective of the campaign was to position the delectable mango drink, Tropicana Slice, as the ultimate accompaniment to the celebration of Iftar. The brand aimed to position Tropicana Slice as the perfect drink to break the fast. Traditionally, Iftar is celebrated with a rich feast of mouth-watering food and beverages and Tropicana Slice is the ideal fit for the festival.


The brief to the agency was Tropicana Slice needs to be a part of the festival of Ramadan which falls right in the middle of the scorching summer heat and mango season. Tropicana Slice should find a place on every Iftar table as the consumers get together to break their fast.

Creative Idea

Social media has become the ‘it’ tool for every brand to communicate with their target audience. Instagram, in particular, has one of the strongest attractions amongst the youth who take to the app to not just express themselves but also to follow their favorite influencers and take inspiration from them. Festivals are the perfect time for brands to reach out to their audience on social media. Ramadan is the time when celebrations are at their peak and the social media feeds are full of lavish Iftar spreads and parties.

Adding to the festive charm, Bollywood and cricket favorites have always added to the glitz and glamour of Iftari time on Instagram. The idea was to leverage the celebrity buzz thereby positioning Tropicana Slice as the ideal gift for Iftar celebrations. As the brand collaborated with Yusuf Pathan, Irfan Pathan, Soha Ali Khan and Neha Dhupia who heart-warming pictures on Instagram gifting Tropicana Slice kits to each other, the consumers got to see a #SliceOfIftar on their feeds. The brand also sent #SliceOfIftar kits to other influencers on Instagram as the perfect Iftar gift to brighten their Ramadan according to the Instagram Influencer Marketing Case Study.


The Instagram Influencer Marketing Case Study shares that the campaign had to be executed by associating with authentic influencers/celebrities who would observe the festival of Ramadan.


As the first step of the activation, the brand got Neha Dhupia and Yusuf Pathan to pose with the Slice Iftar kits on their Instagram handles saying how they would like to send the beautiful kit to Soha Ali Khan and Irfan Pathan respectively to brighten their Iftar this Ramadan. We also got them to use the hashtag #SliceOfIftar.

In a span of half an hour after these posts, Tropicana got Soha Ali Khan and Irfan Pathan to post with the Slice Iftar kits saying how their Iftar has been brightened by this lovely gift their Neha and Yusuf respectively.

The brand also sent the Slice Iftar kit to food and lifestyle influencers on Instagram who have uploaded posts and stories showcasing the kit.

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  • 60 Instagram stories (within 48 hours) and 10 Instagram posts from influencers who received the kits
  • Overall reached out to over 19 million Instagrammers 
  • 30 online news stories

Spokesperson Quote

Ramadan as an occasion is associated with consumption of great feasts and flavorful beverages. We are delighted to have Tropicana Slice be a part of the celebrations through the #SliceOfIftar campaign. We had received a great response from our consumers and Tropicana Slice is now being seen as an intrinsic part of Iftar celebrations during Ramadan. – Vineet Sharma Director-Marketing – Juices at PepsiCo