'Condom Bole'- A musical reminder for men to join the conversation on contraception

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Condom Bole | A musical reminder for men to join the conversation on contraception.

'Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon's World Population day anthem tries to shatter the taboo against condoms through their catchy anthem #CondomBole.

As immediate as water crisis, the issue of population is rightly addressed by them to introduce the idea of safe sex and the importance of condoms.

The musical symphony directed to men through #CondomBole speaks right into the ears and while the message might not be oblivious the creative surfaces to let the public know what is needed for the “right growth”.

The condom anthem clearly states “Na Darr Na fikar” to implement the importance the product holds. As fearless as it can be the 3-minute long Condom rap might be a ghoulish spectacle but the underlying aim hits the right mark.

They further play smart by talking about 'responsibility' as an aspect in the rap, thus despite the colorful symphony what stands out is the message.

Dole Dole Condom Bole works as a refrain constantly escalating the intent.

The pressing issue of the population faced is counteracted with the anthem which challenges itself to educate the masses through the creative culmination.

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'Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon' the creator of this anthem rightly used the protagonist in the video who constantly through his vivacious reactions suppress on the fact that how safe sex can lead to pleasure more required and desired.

The Condom anthem might now on constantly play in the background of any intimate scene reminding us of the importance of contraceptives and safe sex. In the way, the anthem is able to find a niche retracting its belief with this musical lingo.

Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon (I, A Woman, Can Achieve Anything)  is a trans-media entertainment-education series that aims to empower communities to create a mass movement for a healthier, cleaner and more equitable society. It grabbed the opportunity of World's Population Day to implant the message of safe sex amongst masses through this musical showcase.

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