An advertisement or trailer? Netflix with it's latest shot

Palak Uppal
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Netflix India

In it's latest campaign, Netflix India promotes Pocket Plans using subtle hints from some of the popular shows.

With a directional 'suave' lingo in the background, the vagabond in the video goes around all over the Pacific before putting his hands on the Ring of Fire.

Netflix takes a discrete approach with its latest advertising execution. When the advertisement pops on the screen, the elements hints to some upcoming con-man thriller tale. But what shines is their Pocket Plans promotions.

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Pappu Pakitmaar, a pickpocketer whose hands are smoother than butter is the life of the 2- minute advertisement. He goes about stealing from people until something alien happens. With subtle hints from Sacred Games and Stranger Things, it unfolds to its zenith - Netflix's Pocket Plan.

While doing his usual errands, Pappu pulls an umbrella out of a commuter's pocket a reference to Bunty's infamous chhatri comment from Sacred Games Season 1. In another frame, he tries to steal something out of a girl's backpack, he pulls out a cut out of Radhika Apte a reference to her stint on Netflix.

Last month, Netflix launched a mobile-only plan in India priced at Rs. 199. The advertisement prolifically brings out the whole idea of having Netflix in your pocket. Netflix India with the whole creative hounds the right audience.

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