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Angry Prash

Prashant a.k.a Angry Prash is an Indian YouTube star who primarily posts comedic animated content.

He has amassed over 3.1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Masked behind an animatic headgear, Prashant is known for his humorous and quirky content on the video-sharing platform.

Who am I? 

Angry Prash is a YouTube channel that is based on cartoon comedy for teens and adults.  Angry Prash is an anonymous social media influencer who wears a helmet gear during a public appearance. He has also done rapping and singing.

Our journey

At first, I started some YouTube channel at the beginning of 2016, those channels were about Automotive design tutorial, Smartphone technology, Gaming, all of the channels didn’t perform well for next one year. At the beginning of 2017, I decided to start a comedy channel, I didn’t have proper resources at that time for recording videos. Also, I was not a professional animator; I decided to make an animation video with the help of MS Paint. After a month people started liking my video and the journey began. 

Our family

At first, I started my channel on my own, at around 100K subscribers, I met a guy name Sumedh. Later on, I got signed by his company name Nofiltr who helps me in marketing and branding also provided me suitable resources I need. They always give me new platforms and opportunities.

After 2 Million subscribers, I made a team named Team Angry of 4 members including me, for producing more content in lesser time with different creativity. The team members help me in editing, animation, and brainstorming.

What’s in the name? 

There is no special story about the name, Angry is the theme of my channel and Prash is the initial letters of my real name ‘Prashant’.

Our mission statement 

The only mission our channel aims at is to make people laugh and entertain.  

We create content for? 

Our target audience is Teens and Adults.

We had the most fun creating…

We always had lots of fun during the creation of each and every video, but Halkat Call Series has a special place in our hearts. 

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We work with...

We are open to working with any brand with a good reputation in the market. 

We are proud of… 

We always try to upload a special video for spreading social awareness among people, “Does fair Look matters” and “My Thoughts On Indian Election” are two examples of those video series we have on our channel. Also, we started a #onetreechallenge first on Instagram, in that challenge more than 700 trees have been planted by people and different creators. We are also making this challenge big by making a video about it on our YouTube channel very soon.

Our WTF moment 

When our video called “Lata Mangeshkar Reaction On Dhinchak Pooja” video got on a trending page for the first time, it was like my biggest dream come true at that time for me.  

We deal with trolls by…

Ignoring them and keep doing what we love to do in life.  

Our favorite creators are…

Christopher Nolan, Gary Vee, PewDiePie, Bhuvan Bam.  

Stay tuned for...

Our new song is coming very soon, again we are working on some surprise projects for our fans, stay tuned.

Are, you hiring?

Not currently

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