Facebook announces restrictions to Housing, Employment, and Credit Ads

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Facebook has declared new changes to ads in the categories of Housing, Employment and Credit, following their civil rights audit.

Housing, Employment and Credit would now be categorized under Special Ad Categories and would have restricted targeting options.

To run ads revolving around these categories you'd have to select the corresponding Special Ad Category in Ads Manager.

Facebook ads

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These ads will not allow targeting by age, gender, ZIP code, multicultural affinity, or any detailed options describing or appearing to relate to protected characteristics. Your ad will not be able to run if you've not selected the Special Ad Category.

Currently, the change is applicable to all advertisers running housing, employment and credit ads, that are based in the US or have a target audience in the US. However, we can expect this alteration's global roll-out.

Advertisers using Special Ad Categories will not be able to access Lookalike audiences, although they would be able to create a Special Ad Audience.

Extending the amendments and to ensure compliance, all advertisers are obligated to certify and accept Facebook's non-discrimination policy, regardless of the type of ads they’re running.

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