Instagram stories create curiosity around Godrej Properties OOH

Godrej Properties

In a very beguiling marketing strategy, Godrej Properties Ltd adopted an unconventional way by roping influencer like Biswa Kalyan to promote an upcoming project.

Camouflaged in the disguise of a promoting strategy Biswas Kalyan shares out stories on his Instagram for his followers to live the landmark of “comfort” and” peace” as stated by Godrej in its share of stories. 

Here’s how it went down. Godrej Properties put out hoardings highlighting ‘S’ all around Delhi and Delhi NCR where Biswas spotted them at some prime locations.

He later took to his Instagram to hook the audience to an element of “suspense”.

Godrej Properties with Biswas’ engagement as a catalyst interrogates the question of what luxury means to his fans. A culmination of elements like “Comfort”, “Peace”, “Unlimited shopping” is the zenith in the stories. 

What stands out though is the inclusion of a surprise element. A quirky humor element claiming “Address bahut Lamba ho Gaya” adds a thump to the entire activity on the platform. It creates a pre buzz with a definite question that demands answers. 

Godrej leveraged Biswas’ entire move to engage the audience of what the actual suspense is. Through the entire engagement, Godrej Properties managed to engage the audience and create a pre buzz of its upcoming project.

Although the star comedian did not reveal the context of the whole story, he did ask the followers to stay tuned to find what Godrej Properties Ltd attempted through the entire pursuit which looked like a pre-buzz campaign for the launch of property in Delhi-NCR by Godrej Properties.