Instagram is hiring hackers to bug-check it's checkout feature

Paawan Sunam
New Update

Instagram is summoning white hat hackers a.k.a security researchers to test the 'Checkout' feature.

The platform has undertaken the chore of performing a comprehensive inspection of the feature before it's full-scale rollout beyond the United States.

A group of security researchers have been invited to conduct the tests. The researchers would inspect any bug that would leave the feature susceptible. Facebook is also extending the Data Abuse Bounty program to Instagram.

Facebook launched 'Data Abuse Bounty' in April 2018, a program that rewards people who report first-hand knowledge and proof of cases where they've found a third-party on the platform unethically collecting and/or transferring users' data for commercial or any other purposes.

Facebook would then review the reports, identify threats and then shut down the offending app and take legal actions against them.

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The parent company rewards based on the impact of the specific report. High impact bugs have garnered as much as $40,000.

The current program is an extension to the above-mentioned. Nam Nguyen, Head Of Engineering, Instagram in a statement mentioned "Expanding and building on the Facebook bug bounty program is a key development in our ongoing security efforts, and we are grateful to the wider security community for all they do to help keep our platforms safe".

Brands like Michael Kors, H&M, Nike, Adidas and more were a part of the pilot phase of the feature. Products from these brands would have a “Chekout on Instagram” button in the in-app checkout section.

As you would need to provide personally identifiable and payment information to the platform while using the feature, the pursuit is to provide a higher degree of security.

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