International Dog Day brand posts get users aww-ing

International Dog Day brand posts

Social Media is giving us a treat with International Dog Day brand posts that are as loving and playful as the canine.

A tweet doesn’t have enough characters and canvas doesn’t have enough space to convey our love for our best friend. Yet, these International Dog Day brand posts try.

As the whole of socioverse drools on the companion that is always by our side, loves us with all their heart (and tongue), is always loyal & protective, brands adapt to this trend and have come out with creatives.

Tata Group takes us through a typical day in the life of the #DogsOfBombayHouse. Berger Paints highlight their products’ feature that would keep our doggos sheltered pleasantly.

&flix used the occasion to premiere a flick and Huawei & Wego took the route of a contest.

Social media platforms have also joined the wagging wagon.

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Take a look at some of the International Dog Day brand post we came across.

Tata Group

Berger Paints


Kolkata Knight Riders

Netflix India

Huawei India

Wego India


Ford Australia


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