ISRO helps #Chandrayaan2 take off on Twitter

While #Chandrayaan2 is busy entering the moon's orbit, ISRO is on a roll on Twitter, building buzz and documenting history.

Jagruti Verma
Aug 20, 2019 13:20 IST
ISRO helps #Chandrayaan2 take off on Twitter

While #Chandrayaan2 is busy entering the moon's orbit, ISRO is on a roll on Twitter, building buzz and documenting history.

#Chandrayaan2 has been trending on Twitter for a major chunk of the day today. Indians across the spectrum are celebrating the milestone achieved by the Indian Space Research Organisation. ISRO is playing a key role in building this buzz with creatives and personalisation of the spacecraft.

They are putting across regular updates and engagement-worthy creatives to keep the buzz alive. The most interesting ones are those being written on behalf of #Chandrayaan2 by ISRO. Though some of these creatives are being uploaded on Facebook and Instagram as well, the main action seems to be reserved for Twitter.


ISRO has been putting up graphic creatives to inform people about their missions. Recently, a major chunk of these #ISROmissions has been about #Chandrayaan2. Here, they disseminate scientific information in easy language.


Another hashtag at play to make people aware of the different facets of the mission is #MoonMission. The creatives, in English, are being put up as images or a cluster of some in a video format.


In an attempt to engage with the Twitterverse, ISRO has been running #MoonEssentials campaign, asking people to share what people would like to take to the moon. Several editions of this were done before the launch.


Another part of creating engagement online is where they ask people to share images of the moon. This helped them get traction online around the recently celebrated World Photography Day.


Watching the moon drift along with the car has been a part of most people. Leveraging on and in an effort to find such stories, ISRO ran a campaign asking people to share their moon-featuring #ChildhoodMemories.


#MoonMania is another hashtag being used by ISRO to share interesting moon facts with the netizens. The graphics are slightly text-heavy, targetting people who are likely to be interested in the topic.

Video propulsion

In the posts put forth by ISRO, the number of videos are significant. They have roped in key people, highlighting the process behind the mission.

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Detailed text updates

Some of the essential updates that can't be shown visually were shared as text-only updates. These were specifics that helped create intrigue for the process. Even if you can't understand what the specifics mean, you know something big is happening.

Documenting emotions

The most important aspect of #Chandrayaan2 is how a moment was created in the Twitterverse, fuelled by posts tweets of ISRO, various politicians, citizens, and officials. Emotions have been well-documented by them, digitally.

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