Case Study: How ITC Engage leveraged influencers for product launch

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Product Launch Case Study

ITC Engage L'Amante focussed on a holistic approach with Tara Sutaria and other influencers on social media to enhance engagement. Take a look at the Product Launch Case Study for more details.

With #LoveLikeLamante, ITC Engage attempted to reach the audiences leveraging on influencers and Tara Sutaria as the face of its launch campaign. Detailed ITC Engage L'Amante product launch case study below:

Category Introduction


Brand Introduction

ITC’s Engage launched in 2013 brings to bear the proposition of playful chemistry in romance and this has been pivotal in communicating a distinctly differentiated brand story.

Engage L’Amante

ITC has strengthened its fragrance product offerings with the launch of L’Amante - a range of intense premium perfume sprays for Men and Women. Inspired by Paris – the most romantic city in the world that celebrates freedom of love.

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Problem Statement/Objective

  • Create anticipation, buzz, and awareness about Engage L’Amante
  • Build affinity for the concept of France-inspired perfumes and how these fragrances are being made accessible to a wider section of consumers with its competitive pricing
  • Highlight the unique attributes of the new product and its lifestyle promise – the celebration of the uninhibited and unbridled spirit of love which the destination Paris inspires


With no mainstream media matrix to support the launch of the new fragrance, the task was to create a highly engaging on-ground event and galvanizing both media and influencer fraternity to drive the right messaging for the product and create conversations around the brand’s latest offering  


The launch event was conceptualized and implemented at ITC Grand Central keeping in mind the core qualities of the product and how to bring it alive through multiple touchpoints for the guests to ensure a memorable experience.

Brand immersive moments were created for the guests for a better understanding of the notes of the new fragrance

Tara Sutaria, the popular Bollywood actress and Sonia Barbry, Consul General, Consulate of France in India were invited to grace the event and endorse the brand. Tara with her young and free-spirited personality echoes the brand attributes of playful romance and passion. While having the French consulate at the event further added credibility to the brand narrative since the perfumes are made in France

Secured media interactions for Bollywood celebrity Tara Sutaria and the French ambassador to highlight their association with the brand for the launch event

Conceptualized the décor elements, influencer engagement ideas, invitee list, content development, event flow, and on-ground management. On-boarded a French interpreter to teach the influencers short phrases and endearment terms in French.

Prominent celebrity photographers and Instagram influencers covered the launch to create buzz in their circles.

DIY creative sessions with old perfume bottles and Sensorial fragrance discovery zones were initiated.



The launch of Engage L’Amante engaged the target audience through social media feeds, print and online exposures capturing the exact brand messaging -

Ensured 95% key message delivery

  • 185 exposures (Print + Online + Social)
  • Print – 6
  • Online – 32 clips
  • YouTube – 20 clips
  • Social Media – 125 posts and stories
  • Tapped all leading newswires, mainlines and relevant online portals to convert 90% of the media universe set out at the beginning of the outreach
  • Total PR Value generated: INR 20,181,363
  • Total Instagram likes were 950, with 78 Instagram stories in the first two days
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