#SamosaTalks: Strategize right kind of content for right kind of screens: Rohit Raj, The Glitch

Rohit Raj- CCO and Cofounder, The Glitch

In conversation with Social Samosa, The Glitch’s Rohit Raj, shares interesting insights on Media & Advertising industry, staying true to the values of the agency.

Rohit Raj, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of The Glitch, comes with more than a decade of experience in the media and advertising industry. Social Samosa caught up with him in a candid session on his thoughts on the latest trends and fads in the industry.

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Sharing his thoughts on Glitch being acquired by GroupM, Raj mentioned that it is one of the few acquisitions where a media agency and a creative agency come together.

GroupM has brought in things like operations finance, HR to put a structure to these areas. It’s like putting a method to the madness”  

One definite change, Raj highlights is the influx of data. With the behemoth of data from GroupM, has led to sharper insights from which the clients have benefited from.

Raj speaks on being an agency that caters to multiple screens. He elucidated, “We call ourselves as a modern partner to ambitious brands. Where the need arises, we’ll come and support you in it to solve various business problems for brands”.

Rohit muses on the latest trends and platforms like TikTok in the industry. He shares that content is important and it is essential to use the platform very efficiently.

Instead of jumping into the new platform, see if the need justifies the platform and your audience lies in it.

He further explained that as a marketer one needs to do a platform strategy because it would engage a certain audience one might be looking at. “Advertising needs to be effective else there is no point to it”.

“Everything today is digital. In this digital economy, lines are blurred. You will go where your audience is. Mobile has higher penetration. So, Strategize the right kind of content for right kind of screens to reach, says Raj.”

Rohit further added that we need to build content which people seek. People look for good content as opposed to something being pushed at their faces, he explained.

 “Instead of targeting something like 1 million views, let’s create a great script which everyone enjoys and then if it gets a million view, great”

In the end, we spoke to him on SAMMIE BSMB where he looks forward to innovation. “It is not how many different things you did, but how differently you did things,” he added. Raj was one of the prominent jury members of SAMMIE 2019.

Here’s the complete conversation with the Glitch CCO: