How SBI Life trended on Twitter this Friendship Day

Friendship Day campaign case study

SBI Life Insurance Friendship Day campaign case study for #ForFriendship highlights how the initiative helped strike conversations between life insurance players

SBI Life Insurance, through Twitter, reached out to most of its competitors from the life insurance industry to engage in friendly banter. #ForFriendship, marked the beginning of a new friendship and working towards a common goal of a well-insured nation. Take a look at the Friendship Day campaign case study below.


In an underinsured market like India, all life insurers share a common dream – To see a well insured India. Every other insurer is a competitor but their goals remain the same that is, to protect and insure the lives of people in a highly competitive market. 

Acknowledging the industry’s common dream, on Friendship’s Day, SBI Life decided to seize the opportunity to send friendship day messages on Twitter to life insurers across the country in a unique and fascinating style, triggering a chain of positive conversations from its peers in the insurance space and other social media users. The conversations aided in increasing awareness about the importance of life insurance and would benefit the entire insurance industry. 

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This was done through a series of Tweets where the brand individually wished each competitor by creatively curating competitors brand line to incorporate the inception of the new friendships.

Campaign Results and Highlights

The campaigns received more than 33 Mn impressions on Twitter with over 10 K people engaged. Competitors acknowledged and positively responded extending their support to the brand and their move. Furthermore, the campaign #ForFriendship also trended at an all India level days before Friendship Day.

Speaking on the campaign, Ravindra Sharma, Chief of Brand and Corporate Communication, SBI Life Insurance, said, “As responsible life insurers we strive to create values that resonate with the customers and build on it to establish a life-long relationship. Whilst there will always be a competitive narrative for market share and business overall, at the core of it is a common dream of every insurer which is to protect and insure lives. It is this dream that connects us to all life insurers.”

“For us at SBI Life, friendship day laid down a perfect foundation to be able to rejoice this dream for a moment together with other life insurers. With this gesture, we hope to spark more positive conversations and stand united for a greater good,” Sharma added.