Snap Inc opens first office in India

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Snap Inc. in India

The company opens its first office in Mumbai.

Snap Inc. today announced that it has opened its first office in India in order to support the continued growth of its business. The new office will be located in the vibrant, cultural and creative economy of Mumbai, which includes some of the country’s top media, entertainment, telecom, content, and fashion companies.

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Snap’s local team in India will focus on expanding strategic partnerships, building an engaged community of creators and users, and servicing local advertisers.

Earlier this year, Snap announced its first employee based in India, Durgesh Kaushik, Head of Market Development, who is part of the global team led by Nana Murugesan, Snap’s Managing Director of International Markets. The company also introduced four Indian languages to Snapchat, with plans to launch an additional five languages before the end of the year.

Jared Grusd, Chief Strategy Officer, Snap Inc. said, “We are thrilled to open Snap’s first office in India. We have seen strong momentum in our business over the past twelve months, and believe that building a team locally will allow us to create the best possible experience for local Snapchatters. We continue to expand our strategic partnerships with regional media companies, add more community content, and work with local content creators. We couldn’t be more excited about what lies ahead.”

Claire Valoti, Snap’s Vice President, International Advertising Solutions, said, “We have received an enthusiastic response from advertisers and brand partners in India and have created a number of exciting AR activations for leading consumer brands such as Pepsi, OnePlus and Cadbury this year. We are excited to continue to support advertisers through our local partner, Tyroo, and are also establishing a local Advertising Solutions team to work directly with our larger advertisers.”

Snapchat is

private by design and distinguishes itself as a place for real friends where

they can share their moments without any social pressure. Snap recently

conducted a global research study to explore how culture, age, and technology

shape preferences and attitudes around friendship. The study showed that Snapchat users have the

highest number of “best friends” and “close friends,” and the fewest number of

“acquaintances” in comparison to other apps.

Snap’s ‘Real Friends’ campaign launched on

July 30, the United Nations’ International Day of Friendship, and celebrates

real friends who use Snapchat, featuring more than 70 Snapchatters from 12

different countries. In India, three duos shared their unique stories using

Snapchat. The multi-market global advertising campaign followed an integrated

approach with billboards present in Mumbai, Delhi, and Chandigarh.

Over the past year, Snap has significantly bolstered the number and breadth of local partnerships across verticals like news, sports, fashion, entertainment, and beauty.

In July, Snap hosted its first Creator Summit in Mumbai. The summit aimed to educate and engage with the local creator community and was attended by almost 80 creators, partners, and representatives from talent agencies.

The company also launched SnapKit partnerships with JioSaavn and making it possible for Snapchatters to share and post music content on Snapchat.

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