Twitter shifts focus to API for advertisers

Paawan Sunam
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Twitter shifts focus to API for advertisers

Twitter recently announced that they would be cutting off third-party data sources for advertisers on the platform.

Following the policy change, the platform would offer Twitter Ads API instead of third-party sources.

A Twitter spokesperson said, "Twitter is streamlining the way in which advertisers use audience data and shifting focus to the Twitter Ads API, which ultimately improves outcomes through technological advancement and developmental flexibility for our partners and customers".

Another spokeswoman appended that advertisers on the platform are already responsible for the data they use irrespective of whether they got it from Twitter or not, and this will not change.

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While providing total purchase prices to advertisers, Twitter used to package the costs of the third-party data with it. This clause would end with the enforcement of the new policy.

Many of the advertisers on the platform have already been using external data sources. Advertisers can continue to do so, although now they would need Twitter's approval in regards to the sources.

Based on how dependent are you on the platform for data, the new policy may or may not affect you. The policy change will come into effect early next year, so you do have ample time to figure alternatives if required.

Few advertisers are of the opinion that the change might cause some inconvenience. However, it may be the right strategic move against potential data breaches and providing transparency to users. Further, the step shifts accountability from the platform to the advertisers.

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