How United Colours of Benetton campaigns brought the #UnitedBy proposition to life...

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United Colours of Benetton has had a riveting history with its social media campaigns over the years. Each campaign has been a careful culmination of pressing issues faced by the world. A look at United Colours of Benetton campaigns tied together by the #UnitedBy proposition.

As a brand United Colours Of Benetton has evidently tried to bring the paramount issues to the forefront. United Colours of Benetton campaigns carry the social responsibility of serving to the society in some way or the other.

There could be literally no mention of the clothing lines in the campaigns, but the weight carried by the videos alone is herculean enough to strike the right cords. 

Be it to hitch people of diversity together, address racial discrimination, violence against women, harmony amongst varied people or push gender equality; the brand has concealed all.

In the making, however, there were times when the brand was caught in a whirlpool. Whether it was the advertisement “Looking Death in the Face”, the context of a Pope kissing a Muslim leader or their advertisements being fetishized and sexually suggestive at times when advertising was devoid of such connotation; the brand has seen it all. 

Albeit, some of the campaigns seethed by the brand caught right in the eye leaving one to ponder on the aftermath. Let us take a look at a few of the local and global campaigns that pushed the right cause.


A pack of diverse men walking through compact lanes keeps one bewildered in the initial minute. Quite evidently, the agenda behind is arduous which is camouflaged in the initial minute. Benetton through the campaign educates us that there is one FAITH. One might be from any religion or creed but one thing ties them together- PLAY. 

End Violence Against Women Now

Somehow everything seems to elicit in the opening shots. There's a definite forbidding of wrongdoing. As the frame pulls to a hawk circling above the men, one is quite not sure of the ending. But subtly the message of ending violence against women is relayed as the boulders are replaced by scented rose petals.

United Colours of Love

Churned out on the occasion of Valentine’s Day the campaign effectively educates that love has no boundaries. Religion, race, creed, sex, nationality are just shackles that hold one back. With no mention of its retail lines anywhere, UCB campaign proves its mettle in the social market.


One of the most alluring campaigns in the local market, #UnitedByHalf articulates that women are not just "better halves" or worse “weaker halves”. Equality is to get the half that is missing. Inclusion of Kalki Koechlin, Gul Panag and Meghana Bhat, strong believers of women empowerment, Benetton executed elements of global sustainability. #UnitedByHalf aims to reach out to women and men from modern families to stand up against stereotypes and take a pledge to claim and give their beloved their deserving share in a relationship.

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Benetton runs on its prodigy of uniting people together in this particular take. While we see the man working in the temple, certain stereotypes are formed. Benetton, however, breaks them loose with its turn of events.

United Colours of Benetton campaigns has managed to leave a mark, time and again. Is your favourite campaign a part of the list? Let us know in the comments below or write to us on

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