Zee Live appoints HOWL as its digital partner agency

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Zee Live has appointed HOWL - the E-comm and digital marketing agency as its digital partner.

As a part of this mandate, HOWL will be responsible for building and executing creative and content strategies for all its key IPs i.e. Arth: A Culture Fest, Now Tasting: A Street Food Festival, Zee Educare and Supermoon. 

Commenting on the association, Swaroop Banerjee, COO - ZEE LIVE, said, “The live entertainment and IP building scenario today is very different than it was half a decade ago, and is evolving at the speed of light each year, each month. There was a time when brands and promoters engaged to ensure a few thousand people come together for a live experience. Today, it is not only about the audiences that are physically present at each festival or experience but the millions of audiences that consume this on my live streams, on my social universes. Influencers in every form are not only catalysts but I believe are change agents to this universe."

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He adds, "We now measure the health of each festival with the digital yardstick, engage with clients and brands on this universe before delivering the magic on ground. In Team HOWL we have found partners that understand our brand and our audiences, we worked together on Supermoon as a project, opened the digital mandate pitch out again but what they came back in strategy was aligned with our vision at Zee Live. I am happy we can work with a team that has a pulse on trends, stats, creatives, social networks and therefore I believe will deliver a truly extraordinary digital and content experience to our consumers."

Tufayl Merchant, Co-Founder of HOWL, said, “We are actually quite excited to work with Zee Live, as I feel that they truly have some really unique events and IPs in India. Over the last 5 years, there has been an explosion in the IP space in India, creating varied experiences for multiple consumers looking to spend their time differently. Understanding who the experience is catered to and customizing a communication in the Digital Space to the audience is something we have been effective in, and are confident to bring to all of Zee Live’s Properties in this Space. Given that Zee Live as a brand is contemporary and progressive in the true sense, it opens up a plethora of possibilities to be leveraged on, in the digital space. Working with this iconic brand, we are confident that we’ll be able to position Zee Live in a more meaningful and effective way that allows us to establish a stronger connection with the younger and newer audiences.”

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