#SS30Under30: Nomination categories decoded

Social Samosa Network's #30Under30 registrations are open for all to come forth and fight it for prestigious titles! Picked a category yet?

Jagruti Verma
Sep 24, 2019 14:28 IST
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#SS30Under30: Nomination categories decoded

Social Samosa Network's #SS30Under30 registrations are open for all to come forth and fight it for the prestigious title! Have you picked your category yet?

Every person in a team plays a part without which campaigns can come undone. There are people who do their bit and do it well, while others go over and beyond, taking the team along. Achievements come along and heights are scaled when people work together.

Social Samosa Network aims to celebrate such individuals and #SS30Under30 will help you push those people in your team (you know who they are) ahead to fight it out with their likes and enjoy the limelight they deserve. Take a look at the Nomination Categories to find out where your entry suits the best.


Heart of any agency, the creatives are the ones who crib over fonts and go to battle over semicolons. Hues are their tools and mind maps armour. Client feedbacks may try to cause chinks but nothing can stop them as they leap from one pitch to the next.

Media Planning

No one understands how to put across content consumption & monetary investment, as good a media planner. They are always on the lookout to find newer avenues that can help content reach the relevant audiences. The range of their contacts is diverse, and mind sharp as a steaming cup of coffee sans cream.

Account Management/Client Servicing

Always under fire from the two ends of the spectrum, account managers are channels of communication that keep the wagons moving. They take the heat, ensuring everyone gets to blow off steam, to return to their desk and the work ⁠— done!

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They are the brains behind everything beautiful and Excel sheets are their best friends. Fear of numbers, approvals and graphs mean nothing to them. Mind maps help them make sense of all that goes on in their head. If you take pride in creating plans and strategizing how to take the client & your own agency forward, nominate under this category.

Agency Leader

Keeping all the bickering ones under the same roof and celebrating each for their individuality, in the rogue mode is an agency leader's biggest skillset. They are never afraid of deadlines, taking lead comes easy to them and building morale is a part of their being.

Brand Management/Marketing

Selling something without really selling it is a skill, not many possess. It is reserved for the smartest ones who know people inside out. Arming themselves with people skills, they go forth in the world, sitting and pitching in meetings after meeting.

Content Creator/Influencer

Having an influence over a group of people is an expertise that takes forever to build. Ingredients that go in include big scoops of patience and talent, coupled with a pinch of timing. Piece to piece, they grow from participating in trends to making them!


Numbers. Graphs. Lines. Curves. Social Listening. These are the buzz words that rule the worlds of those who deal with analytics. The only thing they probably love more than statistics is to unravel them into creating meaning that helps everyone on the team. They are an asset like none other!

Now that you are familiar with #SS30Under30 nomination categories, what are you waiting for? Register here!

Important: Nominations close on October 20, 2019.

All the entries will be subjected to a detailed evaluation process under the expertise of the esteemed jury against pre-designed parameters.

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