#SamosaTalks Aazmeen Kasad, Lawyer, Member - ASCI & The collective gets candid on the post #MeToo world

Aishwarrya Chakraverty
Sep 12, 2019 06:37 IST
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Aazmeen Kasad- Member of complaint council ASCI and Law parctice consultant

Aazmeen Kasad, Owner, Aazmeen Kasad and Law Practice Consultant, Member - Consumer Complaints Council, ASCI, and a part of The Collective, an advertising body created to make the ad world a better place in the post #MeToo world, shares tips on compliance of advertising standards, unveils the essence of #Metoo in India, and more.

Aazmeen Kasad comes with more than 3 decades of experience. One of the Leading law practice consultants in the ad world, she shares enlightening thoughts on the #MeToo movement in India and how people now will think twice before doing anything which harbors on the lines of sexual harassment.

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Kasad highlights the Vishakha Guidelines that were set in 1977, explaining that somehow it was not given the right kind of weight until the unfortunate Nirbhaya case 2012.

"Social media played a very important role in this. Had it been traditional media, some of it might have been hushed up", she quips on the issue.

In the context of women representation in leadership roles in the M&A industry in India, she shares that we are a long way away from being a country where you have adequate representation of both the genders. "Women bring a lot of sensitivity to the table", she points out.

Kasad also speaks on Piracy issues and data protection with digital media at the helm. She elucidates that all of this can be handled well if consent is taken from the right party.

In the end, she sheds light on handling consumer complaints at ASCI and protecting brands and agencies from creating misleading advertisements.

Watch the entire interview here:

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