Case Study: How Epigamia tapped FilterCopy's 'What the Folks' to target urbane youth

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Epigamia Case Study for No Filtr's What the Folks

Epigamia brought back the second season of Filtercopy's 'What the folks' with its' relatable content to enhance brand awareness and the online demand for the brand

The case study on Epigamia's campaign looks into quirky and relatable content with Filtercopy's 'What the Folks' season 2.

Category Introduction- FMCG

Brand Introduction

Epigamia launched India's first Greek yogurt in 2015. Since then, Epigamia has continued to push boundaries and unleashed the best out off traditional foods. They have launched India’s first lactose-free Artisanal Curd and Mishti Doi.

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Marketing Objective and Brief: 

Epigamia's audience is divided into health seekers and taste seekers and the objective was to build the taste/flavor codes of the products in the operating markets and new markets across India. The aim was to: 

  • Create an association for Epigamia as a healthy midday snack and hunger filler 
  • Establish the brand messaging of 'pushing boundaries' and 'contemporizing traditions' 


At Pocket Aces, the creators associated with Epigamia across different digital channels over a period of two years. They used Gobble to enable the audience to understand the different ways it can be used, FilterCopy short videos to create the awareness and the buzz and strong integrations throughout Dice Media web series for deep recall. Pocket Aces also used our gaming platform Loco and on-ground activities to amplify the content. 

Creative Idea and Execution:

The campaign started with visually appealing food videos on Gobble to showcase variety and versatility. Each video showcased different product strengths and these were interspersed with articles for sustenance and tangential messaging.  

Then came the tentpole hero property on Dice Media - " target="_blank">What the Folks! (Season 1) - A journey of how modern families are breaking stereotypes, overcoming generation gaps, and growing to love one another, in spite of often having starkly different world views.

  • The brand and its key values were tastefully integrated in every episode of the series. 
  • ?t=13m8s" target="_blank">Integration in all 5 episodes, &" target="_blank">title sequence, and trailer. 
  • Nikhil, the main character is a big fan of Epigamia Greek Yogurt and introduces it to the rest of the family.
  • The product plays an important part in the evolving relationship between Nikhil and his in-laws, making it an enabler in the storyline.
  • We also see a wide variety of flavors that are available

After the success of What the Folks Season 1, Dice Media made " target="_blank">Season 2 with Epigamia:

  • They integrated the core brand messaging of pushing boundaries through the Solanki family -- a refreshing, progressive family that pushed the envelope. 
  • The brand was integrated into 6 out of 6 episodes, title sequence, and trailers
  • Built Greek Yogurt as the perfect 5 pm snack - alternative to  unhealthy mid-meal snacks
  • Introduced new products like lactose-free curd, Smoothies, and Mishti Doi
  • Established the brand as the game-changer in the snack category

We provided surround sound by extensive coverage on digital and in print including: 

  • Relatable, engaging memes + live discussions, fun Q & A’s with the cast 
  • An integration of ‘What The Folks’ special on Loco gaming ap 
  • Special Epigamia booth at the theatre premieres in Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Delhi, integration in goodie boxes and standees. 

Relatable FilterCopy short videos integrating the brand and its' messaging:


  • Epigamia became a household name among our audience
  • The brand saw a huge boost in brand awareness and intent - the brand was recognized and garnered a lot of demand online and offline
  • Increase in trials for the brand, encouraging first-time consumers from across the country Google Trends - Epigamia’s largest lifetime search traffic has been from What The Folks


  • Over 100 million engaged views
  • Over 2.5 million engaged responses

CMO Quote

Siddharth Menon, CMO, Epigamia says, "We are so excited to bring back What The Folks as a property to the audiences. We believe that the series in its essence beautifully portrays what we stand for - pushing boundaries! Season 1 gave us high ROI in terms of brand awareness with consumers, which we saw in the form of comments and shout outs, inquiries from around the country, and first-time trials of the product. Season 2 is so much bigger and we believe that this will be a perfect platform to launch some of our new products - Greek Yogurt Smoothies, lactose-free curd, and Mishti Doi".

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